Pakistan accused of aiding extremism

Pakistan accused of aiding extremismThings continue to deteriorate between nedavneshnimi allies — Pakistan and the United States. However, many analysts believe that the excessive "coldness" between Islamabad and Washington came just after the liquidation of Bin Laden's South American special forces on Pakistani areas. Disregard for the sovereignty of U.S. troops in Pakistan hurt hurt the power of this South Asian country, and now Islamabad is committed to return their "Abused dignity."

Pakistani commission to investigate the case of the winding up of a "terrorist number one", as they called the favorite of Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden, has concluded that not the last role in the American operation in the town of Abbottabad played some Shakeel Afridi. Afridi — A citizen of Pakistan, the doctor by profession, was engaged in the near future vaccination under the close supervision of the CIA. Specifically Shakeel Afridi and "found" Bin Laden said the Pakistani authorities. And if it is indeed he led the South American troops without the knowledge of Pakistani authorities in Abbottabad, the physician Afridi threatens not that different, as the death penalty. These are Pakistani laws that punish angrily municipal traitors.

Upon learning that Islamabad wants to execute Afridi, Barack Obama almost claimed by the Pakistani authorities to release the doctor. But President Pakistan Zardari and longs to hear nothing about, that Afridi let loose. Such irreconcilable positions of the U.S. and brought the case Pakistan the very real political impasse. In this case, it can be stated that neither the Americans nor the Pakistanis do not want to lose their own own face before the international community and are willing to follow through.

From the perspective of an outsider observer can say that the Americans obviously overestimated the level of trust for themselves by the Pakistani authorities. The situation is also complicated by the fact that immediately after the operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden, the South American side said that the special forces of the United States had to act without the consent of the Pakistani administration, because the operation can be broken. In fact, it is a direct indictment of President Asif Zardari and Pakistan's special services, not only in failure, and in the likely aiding terrorists.
Over the past few days in the address of Pakistani management fell truest charges in direct collaboration with extremist groups. Namely, Barack Obama, in his own speech, said that, in his opinion, Islamabad, realizing that the South American troops leave Afghanistan soon begins to build bridges of cooperation with the terrorists of the "Taliban" and the group "Haqqani".

Last week, oil poured fire and acting head of Afghanistan's Karzai which said that it organized the assassination of terrorists specifically, "Haqqani", which is based on the ground Pakistan and comes in one of the branches of "Al Qaeda." Kabul is not embarrassed expressions, formally accused the Pakistani government that openly condone those extremists, leading his "subversive" activities in Afghanistan. Attempt on the head of Afghanistan could remain virtually unnoticed by the international community, if it were not for those who prepared it. Everyone got used to that terrorist activities in Afghanistan are engaged half-starved children of illiterate Waziristan, the mountainous region of Pakistan. But in this case, Hamid Karzai became the target for the next conspirators Karzai's personal bodyguard, the students at Kabul Institute and Dr. med at the same university. To Afghanistan the situation is quite new.

The representative of the Directorate of Security Afghanistan I saw that educated people in the middle of the terrorists — it is brand new threat that may not yet understand how to fight. Meanwhile, information about the assassination attempt on Karzai came out not just anywhere, but in the Divide. As you know, India — one of the main bitter enemies of Pakistan in the region. With all of this Afghan authorities in India have decided to specifically tell not only about the assassination attempt on the president's own, and that "some zabugornye organization" sponsored anti-presidential komplot. You can think of, what kind of foreign countries in question …

It turns out that the Afghan authorities, realizing that leaving the Yankees can put an end to the existence of these very powers, seek out help. If Americans do not, so the Indians. Americans also with great passion glance at Pakistan, threatening the mandatory sanctions. And Pakistan itself seems to have decided to take a very tough stance on the question of cooperation with the Afghan authorities today, and in the development of relations with the United States.

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