Pakistan has blocked the supply of NATO troops in Afghanistan

Pakistan has blocked the supply of NATO troops in Afghanistan

Relations between the U.S. and Pakistan worsened dramatically: helicopters international forces ISAF launched a missile attack on the terrain of Pakistan, killing 3 Pakistani militias. Pakistani authorities have blocked the response to Torkham border crossing on the border with Afghanistan to supply trucks ISAF.

According to the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, on Thursday ISAF helicopters fired missiles on areas of Pakistan, resulting in the deaths of three people and injured three other Pakistani Militant groups from the Pashtun tribes. They guarded the border and ensure the safety of NATO convoys, which are stuffed into warring Afghanistan grouping.

In response, the Pakistani authorities have closed for NATO trucks Torkham border crossing in the province of Khyber. The command of ISAF confirmed the missile strike. This is not the first case when the aircraft NATO causing air strikes on neighboring areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Recall, the northern and north-western regions Pakistan included in the so-called "the zone of the Pashtun tribes" that are not actually operated from Karachi, Pakistan's capital. Specifically, in these areas the Islamist Taliban militants with whom NATO voyuyuet in Afghanistan, replenish their ranks and have training camps. With all of this command forces ISAF pays for the right to own trouble-free passage of convoys on the Pashtun tribal areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

As has been reported previously InterRight, in July, the website published apparently acquired from the United States 90 thousand documents on the war in Afghanistan. Namely, in the midst of them were documents showing that Pakistani intelligence agencies are engaged in financing and supporting Islamist militants in the area of "tribes". September 26 Minister of Defense Industry Pakistan Abdul Qayyum Dzhatoi accused the Pakistani army in the organization of political killings in the country. Namely, specifically the Pakistani military was, in his words, for the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

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