Pakistan successfully tested a cruise missile Hatf-VII

Pakistan has successfully tested a cruise missile Hatf-VIIThis past Thursday, February 10, the Pakistani military has experienced an improved version of the newest cruise missile Babur (Hatf-7), named in honor of the conqueror of India and founder of the Mughal dynasty Lofty — Babur.

This rocket developed since the late 90's based on the American Tomahawk cruise missiles (tomahawk) and is the main rival of the Indian missile BrahMos (brahmos), developed together with Russia.

The first version of the missile, Babur was launched in 2005 by 500 km. The next time the tests took place in 2007, the estimated range Flight was raised to 700 km., but the real distance in excess of 500 km. held on today's trial in 2011. Rocket at the theoretical level can cover the distance of 750 km. and has great potential for modernization. Pakistani designers say range Flight Hatf-7 can be increased to 1000 km. or more.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Józef Raza Dzhileni congratulated the scientists and engineers on the successful test. The official report states that rocket Babur will be able to significantly strengthen the military power of Pakistan. They say even that this missile will be able to go beyond of early versions of its predecessor — the American Tomahawk missiles benchmark mid 90s.

Rocket Babur meets all the requirements of a modern cruise missile strike. It can fly with terrain following at a speed of 800 km / h and be as ordinary as well as strategic (nuclear) warhead. Accuracy with Pakistani media associated with precision pin prick. The assurances of engineers error does not exceed 4.3 meters. Rockets meant to run not only from the land, and from ships and submarines. This is particularly the burning due to the fact that the Indian BrahMos is the main anti-ship missile.

The performance properties of the missile Babur (Hatf-7) as of 2007 year.

Starting weight of 1440 kg
Length of 6.25 m
The diameter of 0.52 m
Wingspan 2.67 m
Range of around 700 km
The flight speed of 800 km / h

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