Pakistan will not support the U.S. in their attack on Iran

Pakistan will not support the U.S. in their attack on Iran

Pakistan will not provide assistance in the United States to attack Iran. This was in Islamabad on Friday said Pakistani president Asef Ali Zardari at the joint with the presidents Iran Afghanistan and the press conference after a trilateral summit.

"Since the Iran and Pakistan need each other, foreign dictates they will not tolerate, "- said the Pakistani president.

As the news agency said Pazhvak (Afghanistan), speaking of the proposed Pakistan-Iran gas project, Zardari gave to understand that Pakistan not tolerate the instructions from the United States about how and with whom to do business.

In turn, Iran president Ahmadinejad stressed that "some countries to interfere in the affairs of the region", are also trying to establish its hegemony. According to the views of the President Iran, between 3-states global problems do not exist, and all the region prepyadstviya appear under the influence of "external forces."

The United States and some other Western countries suspect Iran of developing nuclear weapons under the guise of peaceful nuclear applets. In turn, Iran rejects the accusations and says its programm focused on the satisfaction of the needs of the Islamic republic's electricity.

With regard to Iran at the present time there are four UN Security Council sanctions. Apart from this, a number of organizations and countries have adopted different resolutions that require Iran to ensure the transparency of its nuclear programs from and to justify its peaceful nature. Namely, Jan. 23 at the Brussels meeting between the foreign ministers of 27 states of the Euro Union approved an embargo on Iranian oil. Under the new sanctions means that all members of the European Union, which buy oil from Tehran, July 1, 2012. will be required to complete the import of the Islamic Republic.

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