The interpretation of some of the ancient texts and images as having an extraterrestrial nature hampered by the fact that our ancestors who left us these images were completely "sterile" in the technical sense. People who lived thousands of years ago, did not have to deal with a weapon more effective than a bow and arrows, or use the vehicle faster than riding a horse.

Faced for the first time in the life of a complex extraterrestrial technology, they could not properly understood and adequately describe've never encountered them phenomena and objects. Therefore, talking about what they saw, they could use them only clear comparisons. So, which flew in the sky and leaving behind a twisting contrail jet apparatus alien appears as a flying snake, torch on the helmet astronaut — like a third eye fiery celestial beings, clanging open and close the hatch landing capsule — like the mouth of the beast unseen, "devouring "or" spit out "people.

More informative than the oral histories and legends, ancient images (reliefs, sculptures), because the person can visually perceive a lot more information than words to convey her (remember the famous saying: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times"). The ancient sculptor could consider a jet engine vnezemlyan unprecedented snarling beast, but quite accurately reflected in your drawing or relief appearance of this "beast" with its levers, gears and rivets, which allows us today, more experienced in the art to recognize this "sacred jaguar "or" fire condor "technical device. It is amazing just what modern archaeologists after residents of the Stone Age have continued to insist that the object depicted in the ancient stele is the jaguar, although chtou this "jaguar" distinctly different parts such as the fuel tank, a jet nozzle , landing support and so on.

Reflecting the true meaning of some mysterious ancient images, the famous writer and promoter of ideas paleocontacts Erich von Daniken, once noted that many of them resemble "… Technical drawings, executed schizophrenic, where power units are depicted as grinning jaguars and condors of prey."

By the way, the likes of zoomorphic and anthropomorphic names are full and our present technical description, and you can imagine how far in the future historians will break his head, trying to understand what these terms meant the XX century, as a "gear tooth", "finger piston" or "cam unit". The pinnacle of such coinages engineers XX century is, without a doubt, the name of the device for docking of spacecraft — "androgynous (ie," male-female ") docking station …"


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