Panic in the Saudi kingdom

Panic in the Saudi KingdomIn recent weeks, important announcements continue to come from the most "democratic" country Near East — Saudi Arabia. At first, the news agencies around the world have said that the Geneva died hereditary tsarevitch Saudi Arabia Naif Al-Saud. Prince was nothing less than, 78 years old. It would seem that such age, he should read about the fact that a person is not eternal. But the death of Crown Prince Naif has stirred Saudi Arabia. In this case, the excitement does not take a ride on a Saudi citizen who is not so long ago already had the "honor" to get acquainted with the ways of oppression all the excitement with the government armored vehicles. Worried Saudi political summit, led by 87-year-old ruler Abdullah Al Saud. The fact is that with the Naif contacted some hope for the continuation of the present course of the monarch, but because the Crown Prince gave the order to live a long time, it took in order to look for other critical prince, which may change Abdullah on his throne. Long search, you can not expect, and after a couple of days after the death of Naif Abdullah announced that from now on the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia appointed Salman bin Abdul-Aziz.

The prince Salman — is 76-year-old brother of King Abdullah. Also, as they say, is not too far a boy, and therefore the imperative of course the top of Saudi Arabia is experiencing a severe crisis. The fact that the kingdom is now trying to position itself as a government that has the power to induce a "democratic" world order, but inside Saudi Arabia itself is not even the smell of the real democracy. It is one thing to try to solve the difficulties zabugornyh countries and quite another thing — to try to restore order in their own country, where the funeral Prince Naif can expect a new beginning Shiite unrest, which of course will be supported by Iran.

Of course, the ruler Abdullah attended to the situation and rushed to issue a decree to bring the Saudi army in full combat readiness. Saudi special forces units are waiting for the likely mass unrest in the country, so we are ready to go again on the protection of "internal democracy" when it is at the head of a well, a very large Democrat.

It would seem that the introduction of the actual state of emergency was to bring the situation to normal, but then a number of Arab media published data that can be called with the potential bomb, ready to be undermined at any moment. According purchased from Arab news agencies reports, the Saudi ruler Abdullah After all the twists and turns next time associated with death Naif and probable unrest in the country, has been hospitalized and is currently in a coma. There are unconfirmed information that the 87-year-old master is not able to return to Municipal Affairs, as the doctors clinic stated cessation of active work of the brain in the elderly monarch. It is reported that Abdullah was urgently sent to healing in Morocco, where he was at one time held a therapeutic course. Here is informed that Abdullah was left on the terrain of the country and was admitted to a military hospital the Saudi capital.

In general, the situation is complicated, and so far it is not clear at all, or ignore the power of the kingdom's ability to close (or even already taken place) the death of the monarch, or opposition in Arab media add fuel to the fire, which is about to flare up with the latest in force in Saudi Arabia. At least, there is evidence to prove exactly from the attending Dr. William Roger that brain King Abdullah on July 1 did not respond to electrical impulses. And then — full of quiet and of treating doctors, and by the official authorities, that sounds like a real MAT pause, after which the action may proceed in the culminating phase.
For obvious reasons, the situation in Riyadh on a throne in the absence of municipal favorite besides when there are messages about his dire physical condition, heated up to the maximum. In the monarch's palace began almost an open struggle for the throne, which is far not the young Crown Prince Salman could not hold it.

In this regard, it is interesting to observe the position of the West on the events in Saudi Arabia. For now, it is certainly a totalitarian, government is in fact a direct ally of the United States. And despite the fact that 4 years back an American magazine referred Abdullah bloody dictator, dictator of this activity was to hand the Yankees. For the near future, Saudi troops have repeatedly been used to promote the "democratic will" of the West in the area of North Africa and the Middle East. That's why Saudi Arabia in recent years can be called even more active supporter of NATO policy than many of those states, which specifically includes the union itself. Well, do not forget the fact that Saudi Arabia — an important global exporter of oil, stern percentage of which goes straight into the United States. To lose such a partner that Washington is ready for the loyalty and raw materials to share, and give the fighter to perform those or other operations for the United States is not just a strategically profitable. Yes there is not profitable — like death. By the way, in fact specifically with Saudi events directly related to almost 4% increase in price of a barrel of oil in global markets, which was recorded last week.
It turns out that if the news is that the lord Abdullah imperative to work longer return, is proved, the Yankees will have to take the bull by the horns, and support of the man which on the throne Saudi Arabia will continue to send the policy engineered by the vampires Abdullah Al Saud.

But at the same time, the Shiite forces can exert its pressure, which can perhaps be strengthened besides Iran. In such a situation, it is in principle whether there will be a change of government in Saudi Arabia, painless and available to all traditions, or else hereditary princes themselves zateyut a game that can bring the country into chaos. Although in this case, to be honest, a country which is itself all soon sowed chaos wherever she could (and in the North Caucasus, in particular), is unlikely to be sincerely sorry.
Not expect that democratic assistants from Washington still posodeystvuyut Saudi princes and incidentally not peredratsya prismirit Shia population that requires a change. And if you do not have time to assist, the Saudi bombshell will be much more impressive than all the ones that had to create the world in recent years.

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