Parachute Crossbow-2 master intelligence units of the Airborne Forces

Parachute "Crossbow-2" master intelligence units of the Airborne Forces

ARMS-TASS. On the basis of the Ryazan Center special physical training and survival of airborne troops held teaching and methodical collection with military intelligence units Airborne Research parachute system "Crossbow-2. "How korr.ARMS-Tass was told in the press service of the Navy, in the process of gathering the representatives of the military intelligence units and special purpose of all formations and units of airborne study the real part of the modern parachute system will undergo theoretical training and ground tests of parts of the jump, and (where appropriate weather criteria) will make a trainer jumping out of helicopters Mi-8 parachutes "Crossbow-2 ".

Education of young scouts Airborne passes under the supervision of an experienced parachutist-athletes at the Centre for a special fitness and survival (Ryazan), which was reformed 3rd Central Sports parachute Club Airborne.

Parachute system "Crossbow-2 "is in service with the intelligence and special airborne units. It is designed to airdrop paratroopers groups for specific purposes with a set of necessary weapons and equipment, and to perform training jumps from the aircraft AN-2, AN-26, AN-12, IL- 76 and Mi-8 equipped to parachute landing troops.

Provides non-hazardous execution jumps at up weight with special equipment up to 150 kg in the range of air temperatures near the ground from -35 to +35 degrees Celsius at the speed of the aircraft in landing up to 350 km / h

The main parachute equipped with front trim loose ends for the growth of the horizontal velocity.

A special form of the dome of the main and reserve parachutes provides non-hazardous landing parachute jumps with the least experience.

Suspended system has eight adjustment points, allowing you to simply adjust it to the parachutist at least some growth from 160 to 200 cm as
in the winter, and in summer uniforms and riot gear.

The design of the system allows you to have hinged on it additional equipment (load) weighing up to 50 kg in a single freight container with autonomous parachute system — UGKPS-50.

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