Paradoxes of Georgia or reddish card Misha Saakashvili, the Georgian people

Like it or not, Georgia — this is an unusual post-Soviet government from the standpoint of the mandatory perturbations. Not a single Georgian president in the history of independent Georgia to retire after the expiration of options.

Paradoxes of Georgia, or Red Card Mikhail Saakashvili of the Georgian people

If you take the first Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia, his official imperative features ended in January 1992 after the country against him was raised a rebellion, headed by Tengiz Kitovani. Gamsakhurdia after overthrow was obliged to flee the country and in the process of its own zabugornogo "tour" is the chapter in Georgia so the government called the other (first on the ground in Armenia, and then — in the Chechen Republic, headed at the time Johar Dudayev). Zviad Gamsakhurdia in 1993, he returned to Georgia, but to continue his political career does not work out, and just three months after the return of the first president made a suicide in one of the Georgian villages (in another version, Gamsakhurdia was killed).

During the 3 years that the rules in Georgia Military Council, the Municipal Council, which took over the role or parliament, or typical body both legislative and executive power in one. After 3 years of history with the Soviets in the non-Soviet Georgia in the local political scene looming figure of Eduard Shevardnadze, the former minister of foreign affairs of the USSR and a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russian Union. In 1995, Eduard Shevardnadze was headed to Georgia as its second president in the recent history of the country. In 2003, though, and he had to leave his post not far democratic method. Announced Misha Saakashvili announced that Shevardnadze had falsified elections, and therefore the power it is necessary to select and transmit the progressive forces in the lead, in fact, with the very Misha Saakashvili. In general, and the second president of independent Georgia, resigned from his post not far away on their own. At the will of the "revolutionaries of Roses" was stronger …

Since the beginning of January 2004 mandatory seat occupied Nikolozovich Misha Saakashvili. But because here's the thing … It seems that the South Ossetian war hero has forgotten that God loves Trinity. But Misha Saakashvili is the third in a row … It turns out that there will be disorder, and even quite common Georgian cognitive dissonance when suddenly Saakashvili's democratically "doterpit" until such time as the office enters the fourth president of the country. Not on Georgian rules it shall be, uh, not on Georgian … Once it so happened historically presidents change riots, revolutions and pickets, it is necessary to the end of this tradition to stick …

And, most unusual — Georgia holds. More than a million people have signed the typical requirement for the incumbent to resign immediately. And "more than a million" of 3.5 million Georgian voters — is nothing less than the third part. An impressive — more than …

But the Russian reader can tell, and why is it so aggressively tuned Georgians? — They are just something to follow the presidential elections to wait a bit — and that's that. But there is even a strange thing that can safely be called a more dazzling than speak out so that the typical change of the Georgian government. The strangeness is that the current president of the Georgian constitution is elected for 5 years, but these 5 years, you can stretch and 5.5, and for all 6 at a special wish. For all this, the most exciting, shaped as letters of the law in terms of the main documentary presidential term growth opportunities does not change.

In other words, Mischa Nikolozovich at the time, "warning in advance" and made it so that after the expiry of their own capabilities can take the presidency is not a couple of weeks, or even months, and almost year! After all, the next election will be held in October 2013 … This is a plus nine months. But there still will count as the official results will be presented by, while preparing for the inauguration … That picture emerges, in which the Georgian president's chair to sustain the Honourable Saakashvili by the same winter and spring, and summer, and fall. In general, the democratic approach to the definition of the presidential term — do not say anything …
Now if someone asks, so how much time is real presidential term in Georgia, this question can be answered: "About 5 years-plus" — is actually the official version of the time interval when the beginning is clear, but with the end this is not the so simple …

Specifically, this "-plus" and brings the Georgian people's white-hot when people almost feel cheated and take to the streets of cities in order to work on it, so Misha Nikolozovich quickly packed his bags and left the place where you can rethink all of that to which He led Georgia in recent years.

And here, you have to rethink that … And it's not too far just a stupid invasion of South Ossetia in 2008, accompanied by an enormous flow of information (and more precisely, disinformation) propaganda. This is an actual loss of territories, specifically during the rule of the state Misha Saakashvili turned into independent states.

It is also virtually complete rupture of all relations with Russia, which hurt knocked both economic and cultural binding on 2-countries. Most of the people of both Georgia and the Russian Federation were well aware that Georgia was a hostage of big policy that dictated even not from the presidential palace Saakashvili, and completely from other places. But Georgian president continued his frankly Russophobe rhetoric, trying to enlist the support of the West to solve its tasks.
But time passed, and that the expected support from overseas Misha Saakashvili began to receive a lesser and lesser degree. The defeat of his party in the past last year's parliamentary election are far has shown that it is still valid president Georgia became a political corpse is not just for your own reference — the West, and for most people own the same country.
Saakashvili's principal projects that were presented as a democratic gains, but remained unrealized, silver-tongued now they say that the third activity of the Georgian president's own office can be represented as bloat over time balloon. This ball is now found a significant hole, and exhaust air forces him from side to side.

These projects include buried more planned in the middle of the 2000s, the manufacturing boom in Georgia. Saakashvili planned to deploy a large-scale development and go to one of the leading economies of places, not only in the region and the open spaces of the post-Soviet space. But the economics of Georgia is not far away look impressive. The industrial sector is now only about 9% of the entire financial and economic system of the country. Gross domestic product per capita at purchasing power parity opportunity is about $ 5,500. This is a 2-fold lower than that of Azerbaijan, 4 times lower than in Russia. In terms of GDP per capita PNS Georgia is currently at the level of states of the world as Namibia and Guatemala. The average pension in Georgia up to 2012 amounted to about 125 GEL — 2212 rubles. With all the price of one only power in Georgia is about 3 rubles per 1 kWh (comparable to Russian quotations when, to put it mildly, different levels o
f household income).

Not far brighter economic situation in Georgia leads people to find work quite intensively on the ground in foreign countries. In Russia — including. And we, by the way, not only of ordinary citizens, and some of the state officials. Namely, the current Prime Minister just before the concrete preparations for the elections in Georgia recalled that the Georgian passport for him outweighed Russian, and that after the active earnings for the 2-10-s years on the territory of Russia it is time to test their political strength at home . In general, someone leaves, and this one came. And came, of course, so do the political control "shot" in Misha Saakashvili.

Although the contacts of the Russian Federation and Georgia are still far from rosy, but it still does not abandon the hope that after the end of the era of Emperor Saakashvili, President of Georgia, will begin trivial progress in bilateral relations. Well, that does not leave, and that's it …

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