Paradoxical world war

Do not hesitate, that war is not only the engine of technical and scientific progress, and the actual accelerator science. And for at least some religion which brings dividends! Remanufactured and new temples, the expansion of state servants, raising the congregation. So, if you turn up interested in war, you can get confused. Starting from wives who want to safely get rid of yourself bored spouses and ending with the kids, inherit the condition.

Paradoxical world war

Cynical, yes? But totally in a western, is common to all mankind.
Only here with Russia somehow wrong.

Of course, here too there obschecheloveki for which Swiss banks dearer jars of pickles in the cellar of his grandmother. But there they are mediocre for the time being. Russian partisans quickly puts everything in its place. Or spread out, depending on the method of final settlement, firearms or rope.

Awareness is different from the surrounding (military bases, would add) the Western world has always been a double sense a certain inevitability that you want to delay. And so, still young, we are close friends counted where it is best to set a good ambush with machine guns sector for dagger of fire than what Fritz al merikane climb back to us. But the presence of guns is not even worried. All there is, there is a will and knowledge, inherited from grandparents.

Not many who are reading the tale of a military secret. And so the question: "What Malchish-Kibalchish was hard?" Some racy start to giggle, recalling his unconventional views are concerned.

But to re-read in part related, you see — and saw that people, even without any distant of the Red Army, "… there is … and the shells and cartridges have …". What should direct obschechelovekov as officials, deputies and other Deputatka with sekretutka on the right thoughts about his often wrong building relationships with the people, who are the servants, and to realize at what they sometimes narrow line balancing.

And about Malchish …
He had a hard word.

And so, in view of the fact that the word is the case, all, all you need to follow verbal covenant Russian leader of the world proletariat "Learn, learn and learn!" Is not trying to replace the motto of one word in order to increase the size of the beer belly or childbirth. Indeed, the latter can be, and without a word.
Cases of war and science are a harmonious combination of stronger motivations with more Edged feelings. For the advanced western medical science all sorts of English will clarify his idea: they are unbeaten in military dumps and abattoirs ordinary Russian, hitherto waving spears and copper have a barbecue on wooden stakes. So much as a thousand years, beginning with the Teutons, joined voedinyzhdy and progress with only one goal: "Drang nach Osten». Constantly turning our Russian poh — in asymmetric nah-nah-nah, for Neh!

Even the era of stateliness of Discovery West only started because the highly spiritual knights of the Livonian Order, as the successor of the Teutons, safely and peacefully With years of silt on the days of Peipsi.

And now, for the next thousand years of discovery and ezhevekovyh Crusades "Drang nach Osten", were able to move from assembly-line production of copper maces to track battleships with Kondyukov. Even bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, pour learned from the Russian, to the Middle Ages did not even know about the tin. And we, the ordinary hare, to this day remember what outlandish fun were the courts of the rulers of Europe hitherto unheard there pewter spoons and dishes brought from Russia Yaroslav's daughter, Queen Anne.

Well, the first book, still in manuscript, went to Europe together with Annushka light Yaroslavna. Even the Bible presented to her in Russian, used more than 700 years for the French masters of the oath, regarding the writing incomprehensible language of God. That, in general, it is.

Yes there read when the first plates appeared in France only 600 years ago! And they were square. And the hunt to add: the square-cluster …

Well, we also studied a little. A lot.

Borough of Russia, in contrast to Western created with the primary goal is not as centers of trade (in which they were transformed over time by the Western conductors), as centers of intrusion protection (strengthens) the exchange of information and the formation of a frisky militia. They were built, mostly by radial-circular principle, as such difficult to take the town, even wrapping. The idea of a common and effective. And before she could think of only one who has been attacked frequently. When surrounded by a group of defenders of the compression of the density of the order of battle even at losses decreased slightly, especially in the construction of several lines (walls, trees) protection. A means the opponent harder to break through to the rear of the defenders and cause unexpected devastating blow. The only method frisky victory — bringing significant loss of beating to death, kill them all. And, as a result, significantly reduce its combat capability. The long siege of the Russian climate does not mean, as the winter is longer than summer, and then wait in the death freezes the army, as opposed to the defense of the town, for the winter to prepare.

The western city of markets, did not have the majority of supports (except the castles of the nobility) and build square-cluster method, surrendered at the smallest threat to their destruction, as you do not sell destroyed, and, therefore, does not make sense to resist. You can just buy it. And all their wars among themselves never reached the brink of mutual destruction if it was not connected with the need to complete the liberation of the countryside, as the New World with the Comanches. The Europeans, the Westerners simply bought off of each other. Business. And nothing personal (private only, you can add with a smile).

At the same artel Russian fortress city usually fought to the last stone, as the fortress of regret is not necessary — it is in the long term is doomed to be destroyed by stopping or weakening the enemy, which is not strong enough to take over all the earth Russian. But you can strengthen your back or build anew, but if you lose the entire Earth, then you will not return anything.

And so in me as well as my forefathers and, to this day lives formula of salvation: "Russian — do not give up!". Just only as a method of survival of my kind, the kind the country.

By the time of self-awareness majestic Russia came first of the twentieth century, has survived hundreds of Western intervention, and having stood the cost of enormous losses of the population, public resources and cultural heritage. Follow terrible shocks introduced into western Russia sweatshop capitalism and the military division of the world at the cost of the blood of the Russian people was the last straw. Russian contemplation was offended by the senselessness of what is happening and muck. Line separating the Russian men watching and shaking his head, from the same man, grabs an ax or a rifle, collapsed. Bayonets have started to look for targets in the ranks of officials calling for the coming war for …

And for what, actually? For the handful of oligarchs, similar to today? ..

And when the Bolsheviks came to power (an alliance of communists, anarchists, the Constitutional Democrats, the Social Democrats, the Social Revolutionaries and many others, including non-partisan, and not as currently accepted outline — only the Communists), Russia h
as accepted the idea of building not the new order, and the New World. Based on the principles articulated in its own basic nature and reflect the aspirations of the Russian.

Not the Germans.
Not Danes.

"An incredible" gore majestically Russian rebellion — direct and honest response of the people. On the eternal chain of atrocities, injustice and lawlessness on the part of those who have tried to change the basis of community life threatening northern folk.

You can read about the personal drama of Russian tsars Holstein dynasty, but the people they have never caused, in the main mass of its own, as the rulers of empathy. Very visible and were hopelessly huge difference in the life style of the kings and the people. Pyshnovatye balls on western in the manner of the great palaces, on the one hand and an empty soup in a clay shack — on the other. Decembrists, the color of civilization, were mistaken only in the western favorites configuration path, like a parliamentary republic, but the essence of his own observations to determine exactly, but still first-nineteenth century, though they could quietly drinking champagne classified as "liberators of Europe."

Could not.
A lump in my throat was gone.

That alone is worthy of admiration. However, the truth. Not close enough to the people and simply professionalism. In snot mired. Unless so take power?
The Bolsheviks are valuable not because the power, which is dragged along the road, took a well, in contrast to the French, almost bloodless, and declared a common and clear slogans: "The world — the people," "Factories — Workers", "Earth — the peasants." And do not blame the fact that they have not fulfilled.
In the end, until this time, no one in the world could not bring similar slogans to real implementation due to the existence in the light of such contraptions, valued and besprintsipialnyh creatures like speculator and philistine. But the Communists even said similar!

The value of the emergence of Lenin, Stalin and their associates in the fact that they were able to give a formidable Russian Earth and some of its peoples, and the sense of future development.

The idea of saving the world on the basis of power of wizards and warriors.
Those who create and protect, but do not rob and loot trades.

But they bailed out Russia from the loss of purpose and, as a result of death. No Catherine, Nicholas and Alexandra, and even more so Bismarck and Churchill, like them or set an example with their purely Western-worship of the power of gold and passion, could not make a bit of a hundredth of technical and social breakthroughs that saw the Earth in twentieth century, the example of Russian Union. A wine of the Bolsheviks in that it does not become aggressive to control the dose of violence after taking power, so to speak, given the downtrodden revenge through generations oppressors and their henchmen. Therefore, the consequences of a rebellious ruthlessness almost overshadowed the French Republic.

But not overshadowed, thankfully.
The documents do not lie.

While it may be another path, not the seizure of power and the division of the Russian Federation between the West and the East, immersed in a predatory world war, led to even more dire consequences. Yes, the Russian Mutiny is inhuman and monstrous, because it embodies within itself almost genetic memory of the injustice caused to the people. A seemingly real thought over time pacifies not only a blood feud, but even genetic. That's what Leninists do not have time. Naturally, they are constantly disturbed, right up to the counter-revolution.

Yet the true direction of their passionate impulse to substantiate the progress of the war and the resistance plainclothes interventions. And confirmed the first five-year plan and the impact resistance of Europe in 1941. They overcame the main not repression and brutality, whatever read as Western mythmakers trying to trample the story into oblivion.

A creative, as currently accepted states of consciousness.

Excellent level of scientific fantasy future reality. Having managed to give people hope and showing some achievements in his chosen path configuration. Since the idea that fell in clean soil, humus, composted cadaveric extraneous thoughts, like the bourgeois parliamentary republic, sprouted. People, united true thoughts unbeatable. And he shone round about in the eyes of other nations.

So, citizens …
What would that of today do not come up with the times and then beat people. And the funny thing is, many stately brains of the West have confirmed it! ..

Securing self-purification and Russian ideas from different foreign Bringing such as the Western philosophical base, came during the Russian war majestically. Little by little, at the peak of the new realities. An old remained just words. Acts were new. The revival of spirituality.

The rise of new types of real relations in the state. This is a separate topic, and mind-boggling …

Everything fell into place.

Joint kite West banged in a moment, vile and ruthless as he always did before. German, Danish, Dutch, Romanian, Croatian, Italian divisions and the legions were eager to Moscow and the Volga, not from thirst and hunger. And it is not under pressure or for the horror. They believed not only in the success of the campaign, and in his own majestic mission. But the mission was not simply to plunder and to slip away, as has happened before, in the time of Charles, Napoleon and Bismarck. It was about the physical elimination of the people, is an example of another disagreeable West world order. Example incredibly catchy and cute for the most part of the world, deprived of its parts. "Who was nothing," could "become all things." It's not just words. Themselves enemies of our ancestral frustration and wrote about it more than once, and with envy majestic.

And when the combined armies under the wing of the Nazi Europe had to leave the kite at the behest of the Russian People, they have not thought about the value of previously occupied towns and villages. Therefore that realized that in a direct duel not prevail. That question is different: not to lose what went through the millennial robbery. In fact, Western society. Own golden toilet. And why should resist offended Russian Giant relentlessly until the last abilities, not allowing it to Europe — the cradle of all their predatory philosophy. And so burned and destroyed the ground that the time to.

Utterly …
Sheds, full of wives and babies Russian warriors and wizards.
Residential areas and drinking water reservoirs.
Schools, nurseries, kindergartens.
Clinics and hospitals.
Railway stations, train stations and roads.
Factories, mines and factories.
Power plants and heating plants.
Libraries, institutions and museums.
Monuments of architecture.
Headstones and crypts.

How to call it …? Yes way. This is the principle of small bandyugan. "What do not eat, then ponadkusyvayu." I could not realize, then destroy.
"It does not get you to anybody!"

Alien … Ulfeld caught on to the grand dinner Ivan the Terrible, recalled that typically Western ambassadors, drinking honey, put his shirt vessel from which they drank. "For such unscrupulous ambassadors from England did on purpose in the land of the vessels of brass, silver-plated or gold-plated."

Note that the UK did for unscrupulous ambassadors. As it should be vassals to create secondary products consumption. Type of modern coffee grinders, stoves and pots. Yes everyone there the chariots of standing in traffic jams. And the best weapon of defense of the country, both then and now, and have forged so far created specifically in Russia. As well as the best all-terrain vehicles.

Air Force, Air
Defense and Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation will not lie, right?

So, freebies — purely European phenomenon, which is transformed into our folklore, and for some reason attributed to us.
Ivan the Terrible will not lie.

Here, you need clarification on the promotion of government and the people.

I do not believe in the possibility of an individual standing at the pinnacle of power, just to know the development of society and civilization. Though what the president, the governor or chief relies on the collective unconscious desire of certain circles, societies or groups to which he has in the choice of direction for the future. Senior managers in the middle of the creators actually can not be. Prince Guidon heard that "in the world is a miracle," and willed it to be him. Peter saw the first as strong Europe, and longed to own ancestral lands of the same. Vyznat ruler Alexander as aristocrats living in Paris — well, and introduced similar at the court. Stalin saw the chief, and his top managers that decomposes the most shameless way — on the western, and even on the eve of the war, and that ordinary people do not like it — and pressonul fraud. Along the way, pinned chips, of course. But the people-that is OK! And how insurgency there — not even a breath of frustration! Since Russian Russia — not the West. People's power of his position to the people of a priori and, even if the director was Eliseevsky deli, stealing without measure, whether it is always ready for a bullet in the back of the head by the verdict of the people's court …

And through the power of the collective unconscious drastically alters only the conditions of life of those whose interests only incidentally bringing changes its associated groups. And over time, these groups, rising in power, the reaction is started, in other words his revenge. So it was right leader of the people, when there was an intensification of the class struggle in the forthcoming development.

By the way … and realized a professional spy Putin that the complete collapse of Russia Westerners did not reckon with anyone or anything, killing at least what "democratic" means even the memory of the "most nepokorlivoy civilization on earth." And even more so — all of its peremptory representatives. As the story of the whole of Libya. Oh, he is Prime Minister, as a good spec in the first own profession, knows the real value of the West! And he came to power, was able to explain it the rest, those who are behind the wheel. In other words, at the helm. And he began to prepare the country and whole people to "network" asymmetric warfare.

So how else can jump to … ashes.

That is why it is not safe for the image of the West equitable society Masters and Warriors, which can be as long as in the simple form, represented Russia Soviets. Russian people broke through on the last space in the North and not for additional rates or the endless comfort of use. They overtax, risked their lives and changed the consciousness of the entire planet, without asking for privileges and benefits received from the West. Therefore, these Russian craftsmen and warriors were not understood in such a pragmatic, erecting a primitive level of a real comfort — in the signs of civilization, Western Le Bourgeois. Well, "sort of like his," but the West looked out into the mouth, too.

What was not propagandists tried to explain the motivation of consumerism "of the Soviet"! And the horror of tyranny of the Leader, and the natural anger and stupid stubborn fanaticism, and even at the level of genetic malfunction civilization! Indeed, how can a wolf to understand the motivation of seeing-eye dog for the blind kids …

Paradise living conditions for some of the planet-wide doom of slavery, famine and poverty of others with whom to share the loot for millennia no one in the West is not going to. Neither the rulers nor their courtiers scribblers who interpret the story "just right" or philistine "electorate" that accepts and appreciates the only feeder and kind.

Market shares for the purpose of public relations own "BelOSTO" and "fluffy" in the form of microscopic international charity (though in the advertising embedded in the shares of similar order of magnitude more money than in the very "help") — does not count. Since giving one and spinning around like an act "happy hysteria", that is an even greater polarization with those who are not affected and will never touch because of the endless antagonism. For example, with the Indians, when he was colonized by European "civilization" and now forever zarekshihsya be a "little brother" from "pith helmets." And even more so with the Russian, to this day is a living lesson of the past nedavneshnego though what Westerner.

Is it possible for yourself to imagine that the West has repented and suffered retaliation for a robbery and a century genocide of Indians, Africans, Arabs, Comanche? That he returned unjustly assigned, including their age-old community? It is clear that this is only a pipe dream.

But fear of retaliation lives in the West, specifically why he was so aggressive. That is why it is so in need of justifying conjectures, such as "freedom of speech", "democratic values", "pluralism", "human values" and even hundreds of similar dummies to distract from the development. That is why, with all this mayhem paid political turmoil, West so indifferent not only to the views that differ from those of his "circle", and to life itself carriers of similar views. To argue that without the ability to win when you can simply organize and replicate it for propaganda purposes all opponents as "terrorists", "chauvinist", "racists", "communists". So there! Communism — has become a pejorative word in them, though long since no one knows who they are in fact, these fabulous communists. For example, Fidel Castro, has never betrayed his own way, the people and the homeland, never to encroach on other people's land. There was even a trend — the communists attribute that is essentially a criminal feature of the West! And to argue about ideas, words, and actions such as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, without having read any of his work, without studying the facts of history, and not even knowing his name and patronymic! Yes, that's understandable, "Kama Sutra" and read something almost do not need the same again — vision does not deteriorate, and the first is a classic revolution causes stupor only at the sight of the others … fifty, or what? I do not remember. Oh, sorry, I'm also not a Communist, and then I knew for sure! By the way, the European communism originated much earlier Russian and Russian "came" in response to the wild west in the form of the development of capitalism. And Campanella, innocent dreamer of Township Sun, too, was not Russian (which, in general, surprisingly!). Where he first wandered ghost, huh? ..

Well, who at this point to remember it, right? ..
Memory etched first.
That and no ideas. But …
First there was the word? No, a dream. That is to say the idea.

"First Word" — is also a Western heresy, the shift in emphasis. Remember the motto of the so-called "independent" media, "We make announcements!". That's exactly — they make announcements. Since masterly ignore the fact that the West is not profitable, and lauded the fact that the eggs are not worth a damn, but excellent distraction from the serious reflection. They do not hide their own confidence.

It is not a world view, not attitude, not a thought.

This is — a business. And by participating in the development of additional price, the Western media disinformation and mind control are always ge
tting great interest. Because the West crowded inert mass of highly specialized, jaded and fearful middle class, confined to the "democratic" manger stronger Roman slaves at the time of Spartacus, and tied a common crimes before the rest of the world, is not threatened in recent times no bloody internal rebellion, except perhaps that the demonstrations obkurennyh students or immigrants. In general, those can pacify or sanguine. Having sent to plunder, kill and earn on drugs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Serbian, Libya, and another 10-ka two states under the open or vneglasnoy occupation of the West. In camouflage with a picture of a mattress with asterisks.

In the name of peace and democracy.
Their world, their democracy.

The Slavs have long realized that word without a thought — is dead, even before they were able to become Russian. In another no revolution and the victory over the 14-year-intervention burzhuinskih states would not be by definition. Here's the memory of those victories and try to kill those who applauded the bombing of Belgrade and self-contained killing legitimate, incidentally, who was elected president Hussein. Who has been criticized that "such a big and rich territory as Siberia unfair belong to one country." Who is hiding the truth about their own sins, arrogantly believes it is right to "live well" is given, as they are "right" and others are not worthy of it only by the form of thoughts, because they do not think, "as it is accepted in the civilized world."

In general, "surely goodness will overcome evil!
Bring him to his knees, and ruthlessly punishes. "

And this is — not the whole truth. Because, like Russian or altered consciousness, they are always at the genetic level, will keep in mind that they were stronger than the West. And forgive them, the West, and also can not be forgotten.

Earlier or later, but their entire Western civilization, again united, now under chetyrehluchevoy star of the "Fourth Reich", a sign of NATO will strike another blow for the Russian Federation, the sudden, violent and treacherous. Monster from any country with "world" media simply do in a week. And a brand new "Drang nach Osten" — "throw to the East" — will also applaud in Zapyataev and fetid roadside beer, as in the bohemian hangouts from San Francisco to Warsaw. Already zombie-humans-poluroboty requiring "bread and circuses" and convinced of their infallibility, as did the other one in a thousand Straseni first nine 40. Clever — just let the word. A hysteria mouths shut up many conscientious, who, like the fleas are found everywhere. And just cause itching of the authorities. For blows to the Russian Federation will have to watch them silently. The reason is clear, and the reason — there. Then we will see the true face of the West.

Many — for the last time.
Since the — ground!

You can, of course, did not create the tears and grief of old soldiers in the never-ending fire, year after year carrying the freshest flowers purchased on their dime, to the Unknown soldier. You can not listen and do not give importance to what were in charge of the grandparents who survived the occupation of the "civilized Yivropy" …

But its something you need to have brains!
Need to be trained!

Including — perfect example of the mind-blowing success and professional decisions "red directors" Russian period. In the current, creative producers. And do not find fault falsely own Protz. They knew better what and how!

And do not be enough hype about the past. That though the teen sex in front of the doorway or in a pub not look pale blue followers of Sigmund Freud, a drug dealer, hoisted Europe for cocaine. A direct Russian Malchish capable and beloved of the excess of emotion in his arms to the North Pole and back, and new forms of energy instead of burning hydrocarbons to come up, and since much will have a fatcat "Green Berets" to let go of a hot Russian amphibious hello and 6 for three 10 — x grams of lead from red brass and iron core after! ..

And on another Russian boys and girls — the fate of Filipinos and fillipinok. The role of the world of cheap brothel. Business is business.

Those who would oppose — down.

Ground! ..

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