Paraguayan coup: the parliament against President

In Russia, 90 years of Boris Yeltsin tried to remove from power three times: twice in 1993, and then — more thoroughly, with a long and painstaking preparation — in 1999. In the latter case, the prosecution Yeltsin were divided into 5 Fri: Bialowieza agreement (the destruction of the Soviet Union), acceleration of the Supreme Council, the war in Chechnya, the weakening of the country's defense, which gave birth to the danger of national security, the genocide of the Russian people. But even so massive accusations did not lead to impeachment. A sufficient number of votes in the Duma was not scored.

Paraguayan coup: the parliament against President

Summary: MPs can not do in Russia impeachment. The President we may go against the outcome of the referendum, destroy the economy, have a hyperinflation be the culprit of population decline in the country of a million every year — and stay in power.

Or is it — in Paraguay. There's not so long ago for one day (including the night, as parliamentarians worked and Denno, and night, overthrowing objectionable President) Fernando Lugo was removed from power.

Perhaps the difference between the Russians and the Paraguayans in the fact that we parliament during the impeachment was for the most part still have inclined to the president, despite the significant role of communists in it, but in today's companion Paraguay Lugo upper house of parliament (Senate) did not favor. Lugo was nominated because of the "Patriotic Alliance for Change," and the representatives of the party in the Senate … two. While the bulk of enemies in Lugo: for example, only the party "Colorado", from which virtually endless candidate and president of the XX century in Paraguay was Alfredo Stroessner, a recognizable enemy of communism, Herr Muller odious companion and friend of General Franco — 30 deputies . Another faction, which plays a significant role in the parliament — "Authentic Liberal Radical Party", in support of which Lugo and took office — has 27 seats. But she was disappointed in Lugo, and, of course, agreed with the "Colorado". And that the latter is the smallest pretext for a "soft" improper removal of the president. Eliminate legitimate. The procedure for impeachment just to be legitimate. And on June 23 the Senate voted 39 people — for 4 — against. And Lugo with the decision of the people's representatives agreed.

Why agree? So how in-1's, Lugo — not Yeltsin power can not privatize and generally on such ugly business is not able to, and secondly 2, for Lugo, not counting those of landless farmers, the downtrodden in Paraguay prosperous landowner, no force is not necessary. Because, by the way, very clear, that fellow Lugo returned to rule in Paraguay, despite the protests of many Latin American countries, the leaders have declared the municipal coup arranged under the guise of impeachment (a friend of Venezuela's Chavez even blocked the oil Paraguay). Many neighboring states and ambassadors from Paraguay withdrew. Still hard to believe that weak president in a unified parliament was again in power in the country. Most likely, as was initially planned Senators "rebels" and their lobbyists in April of next year, elections will be held, and to power the most that neither is a legitimate way comes who will be inclined their parliament and latifundistas. And also the fraternal United States, without the knowledge which deal with coups or HISTORICAL Impeachment in Latin America is unlikely to cost.

The formal reason for the start of the impeachment in Paraguay served as a clear provocation and the shooting victims. Far not the first time the Paraguayan farmers are trying to develop land that "legally" belong latifundistas, being once received as a gift from a generous Herr Stroessner. Farmers, however, consider that 30 years ago back were evicted from these lands illegally. But fellow Lugo is on the side of the law — as well as the Tribunal recognized the wrongfulness of farmers and the correctness of the plaintiff sovereign Blas Riquelme (by the way, a former favorite of the party "Colorado") which, winning the tribunal decided that Sotk peasant families time to get out with his 2-thousand hectares of land in the reserve. Farmers also decided something — namely, to remain on the land, and ultimately to the Department Kenendiyu June 15, went on a helicopter and flew a total number of militia man two (maybe three). As we see, Comrade Lugo pochetaet holy law, including court decisions. But the law is proven to be a 2-ends.

The police officers were met by volleys of firearms. The media write about the 17 dead, 80 or 100 the wounded. The first victims were police officers — six of them died.

Neil Nikandrov"Police met shots. The first victims were six agents of the Group of Special Operations (GEO), including its commander Ervena Lowery and his deputy Sanchez Diaz. Shooting was conducted masterfully, from a great distance, bullets, punches vests. Police officers who had annotations on the peaceful settlement of difficulties, had to open fire back. Killed eleven farmers, a few 10-s were wounded. " N. Nikandrov attributes "operation" on the impeachment of diplomacy and U.S. spies, which is not even needed the help of the local fifth column in the form of non-governmental organizations — everything went so fast and it can be said smoothly.

Similarly, of course, it is not clear whether the U.S. intelligence services were behind this provocation (if not standing, you do not mind: after Lugo made in 2008 against the maintenance of the U.S. military base in Paraguay, and in 2009 opposed the arrival in the country of 500 military from the United States, intending to teach the Paraguayan military), but one thing is clear — made it all to declare in Parliament: that the president did not sovladevaet with its obligations. And then — the impeachment which the press called "quick impeachment."

To object to those who have "soft" dropped, Comrade Lugo did not. "I submit to this decision and is willing to take responsibility for their actions as the last head of state", — said past president of Paraguay. He also noted that the decision of the parliament, "hurt not only him, and democracy in the country."

Acting. became vice-presidentpresident Federico Franco.

Four years back, in 2008, Fernando Lugo promised to conduct land reform in the country — just in the interests of poor farmers. After all, they have something he was popular before the election. But here is a failure: that the desired and promised to make a friend of Lugo, did not approve of Parliament, standing not entirely, but for the most part on the Protection of the inverse of the population — in other words, those who have and lands and resources, and who's land reform certainly does not need. For example, the gentlemen of the party "Colorado". Parliamentary discussion of reforms was announced Lugo, was postponed as much as the 2020s. Such politically masterful Parliament, which plays on the president as the clarinet, did not cost anything for a day to crank impeachment.

June 27 Organization of American countries (more precisely, 25 of the 34 states included in the OAS) decided at an extraordinary meeting in Paraguay to bring a special
commission to investigate and analyze the situation. In general, the bureaucracy is unlikely that the Commission will decide. In Asuncion held rallies supporters Lugo — and were well dispersed known democratic method: tear gas and rubber bullets. June 23 police blocked the building of the Public Television of Paraguay. Then television director was dismissed — just for being on TV handed subjects of the demonstrators.

So the reason for the optimism is not enough. But let's hope for the Bolivarians Chavez disable Paraguay oil. Paraguay poor. It's not too far Venezuela and even more so not Brazil, whose president, Dilma Rousseff does not approve of parliamentary "Colorado" delishek, as already stated that Paraguay should be excluded from UNASUR — the Union of American nations. The chairman of the Latin American Parliament Venezuelan Rodrigo Cabezas said that the Alliance of American nations Terms of sanctions against the government, made in Paraguay. On view Comrade Cabezas, in the overthrow of the legitimately elected president of Paraguay blame the bourgeoisie, I bow to the interests of the American empire. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, too consider, the coup in Paraguay "was another of the countless attacks on the self-determination of the peoples of Latin America" who "carried out by oligarchies" with the support of the United States.

The "soft" removal of Lugo and really like holding frisky and successful operation "legal" coup scenario which can then be used in other countries. A few shots, a few victims, impeachment — and sits on the throne priklnny candidate. Who priklnny: imperialist America? .. Or maybe everything is easier: obstryapal malehankih bloody little business latifundista Riquelme: hired and instructed snipers, not sparing a few police officers, and at the same time arranged with a friendly parliament? Often the enemy even closer than you think …

The coming days of show who is stronger: UNASUR and MERCOSUR — or the new government of Paraguay, which in the first few days as your own government gave the order to use tear gas, rubber bullets and shoot quarreled with all Latin American neighbors.

In the coming weeks or days are the same, we learn that reflects on the Paraguayan democracy America. As long as the press secretary of the Municipal Department Victoria Nuland only said, that South American administration is "very concerned about the speed of the impeachment in Paraguay." Responding to a reporter's question, said the U.S. government, which took place in Paraguay municipal coup, she spoke entirely too cautious: "We do not define it so at the moment." The U.S. State Department also urged "All Paraguayans to act peacefully, calmly and tenderly, in the spirit of the Paraguayan democratic principles."

"The spirit of the Paraguayan democratic principles" finally materialized: the parliamentary forces and those who are behind them, have long disliked the sample Lugo to raise taxes on the export product of the country's number one — soy and redistribute farmland in favor of the poor majority. Hectares — latifundistas! That's the motto of the Paraguayan democracy. And he always finds an echo in the hearts of Washington.

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