Paris creates the infantry of the future

Paris creates the future of the infantry

The first public display of the latest sverhtehnologichny ammunition FELIN fighters spent the 1st of old times of the military forces of Europe 1st Regiment Army of France.

FELIN — is a set of equipment, built-in equipment. This equipment is very significantly increases the ability of a soldier in an offensive and urban combat, can kill the opponent who is in hiding, to conduct covert surveillance.

According disk imaging senior officials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, by the agency, with 2010 being negotiated for the purchase of equipment needs GRU FELIN.

At the current time held the first step of the test equipment FELIN The second step will be started its tactical integration and commissioning. Developers plan by the end of 2011 to deploy the system during missions, which holds the French army abroad.

As previously mentioned, FELIN is a set of integrated into a tactical vest equipment which was developed by Sagem Defense commissioned by France and designed for the digitization of modern infantry units. The kit comes: the personalized radio station, information processing unit, integrated GPS, human-machine interface, battery. On the small screen displays information about incoming orders, the location of own troops, video from a camera mounted on the rear sight tool, which allows you to fire out of the shelter.

In addition, the connection is used for osteofonicheskaya development, which FELIN is a hoop, located on the head of a fighter and transmits sound to the ear through the bones of the skull. The introduction of this technology allows to have a conversation, regardless of the noise on the battlefield, do not let a fighter make the control of their surroundings, continue to operate regardless of the weather criterion (water, wind).

In order to ensure maximum performance, control the basic functions of FELIN, namely sight and a bond was issued on the arm of the machine. This allowed the soldier constantly to monitor the battlefield.

To exchange information and issue orders a subordinate command of the improved terminals equipped SITComDE, which enable the commanders of platoons and divisions to track down the real-time status of their own subordinates. In addition, in the FELIN implemented the ability to transfer video from sight. These features allow you to reduce the target identification, to assess the current tactical situation and take the necessary administrative decision.

Paris creates the future of the infantry

In order to increase the effective range and accuracy with an assault rifle FAMAS NIGHT MODE to 400 m and 600 m of days FELIN used in electro-optical sights. Now fighter, which uses FELIN, can do the functions designated sniper on the above ranges.
For observation in different weather and time of the criteria used in the FELIN functional infrared binoculars JIM.

At the current time Sagem experts at preparing trainers infantry schools that will prepare fighter a standing army for use of equipment FELIN in combat criteria.

To test the system in the process of a series of operational scenarios for tactical training areas, since January of this year, deliveries will start in the thirteenth mountain battalion in Chambery. This will be the second military unit that has received new equipment. 4 more units of the French army will FELIN in 2011. By 2015 it is planned to equip 22,600 French infantry.

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