Part of the road went into the ground in the center of Tomsk


Tomsk. November 7. Interfax-Siberia — The collapse of the roadway occurred Monday afternoon near the house on Bolshaya N45 Podgornaya in the center of Tomsk, the press service of STSI in the region.

"In the area of the lane to lane in 1905 Sacco (about 800 m — IF), the motion is blocked. Destroyed part of the road is restored, traffic resumed after completion of the repairs, "- said in a press release.

The press service of the agency "Interfax-Siberia" made it clear that the reason for the collapse of the road, according to preliminary information, began excavating a construction company on the border of the roadway and the water, the replacement of the wall of the pit.

"The road on the section width of about six meters, approximately 4 meters carriageway gone underground. People and cars, by happy coincidence, resulting in the failure were not included, "- added to the department.

In turn, the Leninsky district of Tomsk Bulko Alexander told the agency that the city authorities intend to find out how much is legal pit dug by construction company.

"If the excavation will be illegal, the builder will be required to pay a penalty for it," — said the official.

However, he did not specify the name of a construction company, organized the excavations in the city center.

Source: Interfax-Siberia

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