Party life in the virtual dimension

Party life in the virtual dimension

When I hear the statements of some former presidential candidates that they almost took away the victory, then, as a political scientist and professor psychologist, first waver in the assessment. Immediately diagnose or megalomania, though, turn up here some other incentives. And I think I can even explain what.

In my opinion, the answer is simple. The rapid, often gush over the edge of the protest is nothing else, as a way of opposition. Only in this way — think, probably, the ideology of the opposition forces of all stripes — it is possible to hold in its own orbit, at least some portion of the people who sympathize with them and make the appearance of their presence in the political arena.

Following this logic, and it is, in my opinion, there is only right, necessarily come to a hard-hitting conclusion favorites opposition relentlessly branding power, in fact well aware of their place in the political life of, its real meaning and the true extent of their support in the community. But never admit it in public, because they are so little will paint in their political impotence. The examples are not going to go far.

Take, for example, a favorite of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov. It should pay tribute to this clever and experienced man. In addition to all the other advantages it belongs specifically reward Resuscitation Russian Communist Party, when in the early 90's it was almost completely crushed pseudo-democrats came to power. But neuzh something comrade Zyuganov really thinks that the communist ideas and standards are now in the twenty-first century, indeed massively needed in Russia right up to election victory? In a country that has suffered from the Communists like no other country The world. Where themselves communist standards were distorted and covered with blood of millions of innocent people. No, most certainly, in Russia the family, which has not survived to at least one own sad story of Russian times. And with such "baggage" to leadership in public preferences? I will never believe in what Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov really count on it.

Take another character — a favorite of JUST RUSSIA Sergei Mironov. No desire to offend people, almost a decade has served on the highest authority of its floors. Because ascertaining limit. Sergey went to the polls, as he is constantly talking to the stands and on the air, win. And if he could beat? His colleagues in the State Duma Gennady Zyuganov have luggage seventy-year history of the Communist Party with all the negative and positive aspects. And what FAIR RF and personally Sergei Mironov in luggage, not counting incomprehensible applets and does not catchy verbal rhetoric … And with this set of expect to win? Mr. Mironov does not look like an idealistic young man or a romantic dreamer. Simply state: man with experience in the highest political spheres of the victory could not contemplate.

On the so-called the "surprise" last election campaign — Misha Prokhorov — Hunting mention. As a presidential candidate, he also exuded confidence. Understandably, the business is characterized by the highest level to take on the huge business and allow them to your advantage. In another, they would not have entered the hundred richest people in the world. But such people is characterized by the same practical resourcefulness, calculation. And on that, if you take a perfect situation could expect Mr. Prokhorov, while barely recognizable as a successful entrepreneur? Only the novelty of his own species in politics: the young, the freshest and good character. Less. As follows, in the visible baggage — desire and means. And the first, second and solve almost everything, but not all. Expect to win in such a situation — adventurism. Prokhorov also produces memory pragmatics.

So, what did I lay out all of this? And here's what. When the opposition favorites beating his breast and gromozvuchno argue that in their otymayut voices that they are frustrated, not allowed to work, then there is a certain cunning. The position of "offended" power in Russia is easier and more profitable than to cooperate with it. Whether so many representatives of the opposition parties are now working in the executive branch? Nationwide — units. A pity, country Prof. staffing needs of managers. But the example of the well-known Mr. Yavlinsky was contagious. What he became famous for all its years of existence in politics? Applets "500 days" that no one was going to sell, and even its persistent unwillingness to work in the government. Or give all the power, or do it yourself — it's a never-ending motto. Yavlinsky knew because that power not given, power take. But if he wanted to take it in fact? It seems unlikely. 20 years, he has kept such Makar, purity and chastity of their political clothes, nothing, in fact does not do for the country, living with all this in your own virtual world of politics. Coming out of it is a reality, "slipped" on trumped-up lists in his support.

What is good for the country from what some politicians who have decades of four, who on 5 times present themselves as candidates for the highest Kremlin chair, with a full understanding of the impossibility of his personal take? Do we need a country, they and their party in the form in which these organizations have now? After all, they're faster than the virtual, not real, and does not affect the overall political process. Long years, calling to vote for themselves, they just prick voters have long since been taken conformist stance and are part of the whole power system, playing the role of the opposition, but not being of it. In fact, in the general political party system niche is empty.

Popravde, for the country is a failure. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the party has filled a niche. How? But that's another topic.

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