Paulus: pragmatist or traitor

It has been over 66 years since the end of stateliness Russian war. During this period, almost all re-interpreted, almost all criticized, almost all are not evaluated until now. There is no question the feat of the Russian people that the price of enormous losses defended the independence of the country in which we currently live.

Almost all non-defined roles of some military leaders from both sides of the Red Army and by the Wehrmacht. One of the more controversial personalities who belonged to the elite of Hitler's army, is Friedrich Paulus. His career — striking example of how a person coming from an ordinary family, can achieve phenomenal heights.

As the creator of the Plan Barbarossa, Hitler's Paulus warn shapkozakidatelskih sentiment about the fact that the Russian Alliance will be captured for a maximum of three months. According to him, the Russian frosts are fully capable of become severe obstacle to the realization of the goals. This judgment has become a visionary. It is said that over time the role of Paulus in the fighting, he was able to cultivate within themselves some extraordinary feeling. This allowed him to build up anticipation is always a bit further than beheld his supporters and his opponents. But whatever the gift of providence Friedrich Paulus, at one point, he let him down. And this error was to Paulus fatal. We are talking about a protracted battle of Stalingrad, in which Paulus believed until the end that aid from Germany will enable him 6th Army to get out of "boiler" and open the way for the Wehrmacht to the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea.

In the midst of the operation to the base of the destroyed Stalingrad Paulus began to realize that the days of the 6th Army numbered, and this can only mean that Hitler lost the war. Particularly at a time when over a basement, in which the headquarters of Paulus, Russian bursting shells, and the radio broadcast from Germany awkward bravura marches, commander quite sure that the support of Berlin will continue to be, not in real actions, and mental treatment of him and his subordinate soldiers and officers. History has witnessed the episode when Paulus, not believing that the Fuhrer knows about the plight of the 6th Army, communication sent by plane to Berlin envoy which told the "unvarnished" about the state of the Wehrmacht troops in Stalingrad. But Hitler did not want to realize that Paulus and his men are doomed. The Führer has decided to encourage even his own generals and awarded him the rank of Field Marshal.

After that Paulus quite sure that he is now only two choices — either taken prisoner suicide. And now for the first time metal Paulus shook. He has not been able to kill himself, and had the courage to humiliating for at least some general, and even more field marshal captivity. Someone calls this timidity, some pragmatism. But we need to be aware of the state of Paulus to hang on to him a traitor. But many relatives of the soldiers and officers of the 6th Army, died at Stalingrad, to the end of the life of Friedrich Paulus could not forgive him for his action in January 1943.

Field Marshal elected Russian captive, and a few months later became a member of the SSS (Union of German officers). As part of this association Paulus tried to convey to the people of Germany that the continuation of the war is stupid and that the Soviet Union must make peace, but all his words most of the Germans do not take on another as Soviet propaganda.

Paulus lived in the USSR until 1953, and then, after the death of Stalin, was repatriated in the GDR. By the way, about the content of Field Marshal in the terrain of the Union until now walks a lot of rumors. According to some sources, he was on full municipal provision, had the ability to live continuously with his wife Helen, Constance and even relax in the resorts of the Caucasus and the Crimea. On the other disk imaging, Paulus kept in a special apartment, which was, in fact, a lock-up with all the amenities without communication with the outer world. All witnesses Paulus stay in the Soviet Union agreed that the special needs of the Field Marshal had not experienced. To his table supplied fresh products, expensive alcohol and even the true cigar. He had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the newspapers, but only Russian. On this basis, Paulus could not stand in the Union and those who knew of its existence, and most of the people of Germany.

Having been at the top of success, Paulus at the final step of his life became a stranger in the middle of its own and could not be in the middle of his foes. He sincerely believed that in 1943, made the right choice, but this choice is not enough that approved, even from his entourage. Without a doubt, and in the midst of his thoughts flickered one that said, that in the frosty Stalingrad after the Germans in Berlin with gratitude and honor they buried an empty coffin Paulus, it would be better to really let himself shot in the head. But on the subjunctive mood in stories has been said a lot, and think about Paulus was stupid after his own surrender.

Returning to Germany, Paulus lived there for the least 4 years. Surprisingly, but Paulus did not even forbade her to sign the letter combination "Field Marshal". But loyalty to the socialist government of the GDR was not supported by the people. Even his son, Alexander Friedrich Paulus was never able to come to terms with the fact that his father went against the oath.

So who is that of Friedrich Paulus: Prudent and pragmatic soldier or ordinary coward? The answer to this question, each its own.

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