Peninsula rusty General

Island rusty General

The tragedy of the Ka-60 "Killer Whale" — is a consequence of degradation of not only the military industrial complex, and the entire system

June 24 in Moscow fell military transport helicopter Ka-60 "Killer Whale". He fell during a test flight, during which had to withdraw a marketing video. The roller is said to some media reports, the developers of the Kamov bureau wanted to show prospective buyers own miracle machine. First, foreign.

In general, the disaster in the Russian aviation occur frequently, and another drop no surprise. But there is one detail that indicates why the Russian planes and helicopters do not fall just right. Here's a short history of the Ka-60. Began its development in the first half of the 80s. First test flight machine made in 1998. Over the past 12 years, was released not that experienced two standard cars, not the Tipo seven. The army of the Military Sealift helicopter, which was first offered to change the Mi-2 and Mi-4 (and later the Mi-8), up to now has not been received despite numerous promises. Unable to start the helicopter and into mass creation. However, preparing as if this year is not enough to believe it. And now suffering the helicopter tragedy.

Generally, in the world of aviation lengthening lead times aircraft — it is standard. For example, the creation of a single euro military transport aircraft was planned in 1982. Later, the case was postponed. Only the first of the 2000s it was decided to manufacture it. The first flight of the A400M turboprop, which built the concern Airbus, was scheduled for January 2008, in fact, took place almost two years later — in December 2009. Until now, the aircraft is not in mass production, and speak out so far from him.

Another example — a successful attack helicopter. For helicopter AH-64 "Apache" The U.S. took almost 11 years — from 1972 to 1983 to complete all stages of development from start to military trials and the start of series production. With all of this delivery process in the army stretched out for another couple of years. Noteworthy that the first production helicopter was released only in 1983, after nearly 8 years since the first flight of the layout. And all these 8 years of the car harsh working.

Island rusty General

It's not uncommon when in the development process it became clear that the car is actually speaking, is not necessary. The specific case — the multi-purpose helicopter RAH-66 "Comanche" which did together, Boeing and Sikorsky. In 1991 he was presented the model of the machine from which the development team and won a competition test flights took place in 1996-1998, and the beginning of mass production planned for 2006 year. But in 2004, the U.S. Army abandoned the car — an expensive toy was not needed. United States in general have done in the last 5-7 years and focus on hypersonic unmanned vehicles, capable of delivering clear and instant attacks. And to the delight of Russian patriots who are confident in the benefits of an opponent "Comanche" — Ka-50 "Black Shark" South American car on the project did not go.

In fact, in this example it is clear that the military-industrial complex, first aviation — is the most complicated and mental industry. Fighting machine is created here is not for fraud, and for the fight. Modern plane fifth generation, which in Russia Tipo already exists in some form, is not created in order to prescribe dead loop and do barrels in parades. And not for the obvious comparison for performance characteristics of possible opponents. Any machine that is built into different concept or idea of a military conflict, it made under the Armed Forces structure and methods of implementation.

In Russia, no concept of modern war does not exist. This is not a failure of our politicians or generals, as the need for such concepts all the same mental work, which seek from them is unrealistic. On the example of a passing war with a pitiful militarily Georgia whole sure in this world.

Because the meaning and purpose of the development of the same "Orcas" has long since become obsolete. There is no longer the Soviet Union, there is a brutal confrontation with the NATO bloc in the country where Russian intensively invest their elitist billion, but this is only one side of the coin. Just think, there is no concept of war. There is no awareness with whom to wage war as to make war than to make war and, in the end, for which wage war. It's little things. Importantly, we must implement. We agree.

The second side of the coin is more prosaic. It is unrealistic to have a wild, primitive, corrupt, and aimed only at the economic commodity exports such as mental branch of the military-industrial complex. Comes out. There are, of course, the example of North Korea, which is due to the tremendous tension of resources, complete impoverishment of the population and with the direct assistance of some foreign countries have gained success in missile and nuclear power. This note with the GDP of 3% of the neighbors — South Korea. But then why fight a war with North Korea if it is quite cut off the supply of food aid? By the way, in Pyongyang understands this, and therefore urgently make a nuclear weapon — will have at least something to delay the international community from such inhumane step.

In general, the international experience shows right — the primitive society and the economy does not "pull" the highest technology. And then collapse unfinished Ka-60 looks completely logical. And even expected.

For example, "great energy power" trying for 12 years to make a "universal" missile marine and land-based "Bulava". The result of effort: 6 out of 12 launches recognized absolutely bad, two — partly. Hundreds of millions of dollars — if not billion — has been spent in vain. Preceded by "Bulava" — rocket "Bark" began to be developed in the 80's, but for 14 years and has not done anything of the 1st successful flight. Incidentally, under the missiles, which are not designed and built submarines "Borei" (one of them — "Yuri Dolgoruky" is not even nearly ready). You can, of course, indulge in our favorite dispute connoisseurs, comparing "Yury Dolgoruky" by TTX with South American "Ohio", but only 14 of them in the United States in order and they are armed with missiles that normally fly.

With this "flying" immutable lining. In November 2008, President Medvedev threatened to U.S. deployment of tactical missile "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad region. Russian miracle weapon slay the foe, an evildoer in Poland and the Czech Republic to put the batteries of their own brutal air defense systems "Patriot". Two years have passed. 1st South American battery has already appeared in the Polish town of Morag, nearly 70 kilometers from Kaliningrad enclave. And where is the Russian "Iskander"? The correct answer is — they do not, and was not. More precisely, in the 60th Training Center at Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region has two plants that carry 4 missiles.

With all of this for 2010 year Dmitry Medvedev has pr
omised to address to the Federal Assembly to buy 5 of these complexes. Even earlier promised to arm "Iskander" a descent of several divisions. In general, the complex began to develop in 1986, it is entirely Russian design of the late 70's and early 80's, and to this day he does not have planned for the R-500 (although its successful trials gromozvuchno trumpeted officialdom in 2007 year).

In general, aviation and missile weapon, really, things are complicated. Can fly, but can not fly. Worse of all the people. If the missile can detain for 30 years and she as before in the "development", people do not stand so long. I was struck by one in the history of disaster Ka-60 — this is the age of the test pilots. Yes, they are seasoned masters, do not argue. But only one 57, and the second — 59 years.

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