Pentagon thrashes concern about budget cuts (The Washington Post, USA)

A senior Pentagon official warned on Wednesday that the military will be required to send a vacation or lay off thousands of employees in the event of the need for additional budget cuts at 600 billion dollars.

Additional reduction 600 billion dollars to become a reality (in the original — "will be stamped" — approx. Trans.) if a bipartisan congressional committee, appointed this month, will not be able to reach agreement on budget savings of $ 1.2 trillion dollars over the next decade .

The failure of the committee will reduction over the next 10 years, approximately equal amounts in defense spending and spending on social programs from.

Senior Pentagon officials on Wednesday marched through the very narrow line, raising concern about the ability of huge reductions in the defense budget and at the same time presenting huge cuts and possible layoffs as virtually unimaginable things.

"I would prefer not to scare our employees, and I do not think it will happen", — told reporters at the Pentagon high-ranking Defense Ministry spokesman on the criteria of anonymity.

The briefing was held at the Pentagon on the same day when Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has sent a letter to the military and other members of the Pentagon, in which he said that the large defense budget cuts were "unacceptable."

"This is potentially a huge reduction defense spending does not mean a political decision — he writes. — It is probably coined to antagonize and accelerate responsible, reducing the lack of equilibrium and avoid the wrong cut costs for our security. "

"The large defense budget cuts do not affect the funding for the war in Afghanistan, but they will require to get rid of civilian professionals and, perhaps, lead to the dismissal of coercion certain number of troops," — said high-ranking military representative.

The Pentagon has already agreed to reduce about 350-400 billion dollars of its own ongoing planned spending over the next decade. These savings will be significantly limit the growth of the Pentagon budget at the level of inflation.

"We believe that it is hard to do, but doable — says the official dealer. — At this point, our task — to find how to do it. "

As expected, the Pentagon spendest about 553 billion dollars in 2012, the economy, and this number does not include a large part of the costs of conducting military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many military analysts believe that the Pentagon will be required under the pressure of a bipartisan committee to agree on future cost reductions in the amount of 350 to 400 billion dollars planned for the next decade. But a senior Pentagon official said that the ministry is optimistic about the likely compromise that reaches committee of Democrats and Republicans, and hopes that it is largely free the Pentagon from an additional concern.

"I would expect that they would focus on taxes and social benefits, — said a senior representative the defense department. — I hope that there will be further cuts in defense spending. "

The implication is that Panetta will make his first Pentagon news conference on Thursday with Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and perhaps tell about the expectations the Pentagon's defense budget.

In his letter to the staff of the Ministry of Defense Panetta gave to understand that he would not support the huge budget cuts. "I promise in his first address as Secretary of Defense, I will fight for you — he writes. — It means that I will fight for you and your family when we are faced with neuvvyazkami budget. "

Now, the Pentagon has not commenced the preparation of budget cuts but the first step reductions in the amount of 350-400 billion dollars, despite the fact that the white-washed house asked about this a few months back, said a senior representative the defense department.

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