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15.03.2010.Pyat people poisoned by gas of unknown origin in the village Lipyagi Luninskogo district. They say hell is going on here. Not far from the cemetery, right by the road, began to settle the soil.

Snow falling on the ground, melting the winter within two meters. Perhaps at this and would not have paid attention, if not gone from the depths of subtle evaporation. Curious locals decided to pick open living fairy land.

"I do a little digging, one layer of earth removed, and from there went to smoke. When he began to pull out the crowbar from the ground, it was very hot, "- said the villager Lipyagi Nicholas Barmakov.

Hot and stones were extracted from the soft ground. But the strange thing began after excavations villagers. All those who stood over a little odd failure, fell ill in one hour.

"The head ached badly, you can not turn around, his eyes dark," — complained villager Lipyagi Catherine Agafonov.

Wrong was going on in Lipyagah two years ago. Next to the floating-point located lake, but the water has moved into the ground. Now there is no body of water.

What a poisoned gas from the ground, the local people still do not know. It is odorless and nearly invisible. People are afraid, because curious becomes every day more children can breathe fumes. The only hope is for specialists: perhaps, geologists can explain what caused the strange phenomena.

Source: Penza information portal

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