People come from clones of aliens




Aleksinskoye ufologists have developed their own perspective on the emergence of human civilization. Mankind was not from a monkey. Our ancestors, in their opinion — the clones of alien beings. Artifacts — the main proof of the conjecture aleksintsev. A few years ago, they began archaeological excavations in the area Alexinsky.

During this time, ufologists found several stones on which you can see the images of animals, people's faces or chimeras. Version of the natural origin of these drawings UFO experts reject. Ufologists believe that these findings belong to the Paleolithic era. So, even at this time in the Tula region were people or clones of other civilizations. Representatives of the humanoid still protect their children. They live in a parallel world, but shows only a photo lens.

Ufologist Sergei Zverev managed to take some pictures, where, in his opinion, the outlines of the space saucer. Confirmation of his hypothesis ufologists found in the writings of the Tibetan Lama. On the progress they are not going to stop. Already thinking about the upcoming season of archaeological excavations. Here are just a little while like-minded people, and there are no sponsors.

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