Persons breath leaves a unique mark, like a fingerprint



Chemical trace on your breath is as unique as fingerprints and may be used to identify you. Moreover, it can be used to diagnose diseases.

Medical traditionally based on this data analyzing blood, urine and tissues. In these biological samples contained metabolites — the remnants after the biochemical processes in the body. Metabolic profile depends on a number of factors: diet, infections, circadian rhythms, and live in the intestines of microorganisms. All this affects the type and amount of chemicals present in various organs, including those compounds that are excreted in the breath.

Since 2011, the first year for such diagnostic use dogs specially trained animals can be determined by a person's breath, if he is sick with cancer, up to 90%. A recent research in this field has shown that breathing "fingerprints" can be used to identify other diseases.

The researchers emphasize that the method is minimally invasive. Unlike blood sampling, there is no need to use a needle and unlike urine, the patient need not be subjected unpleasant procedure and results of mass spectrometry allows to obtain almost instantaneously.

Pauline Kormschikova

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