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Nazca — beyond logic: 1 series

Dmitri Rostov (Zybin), historical chronicles. Peru and Bol Peru and Bolivia long before the Incas. Nazca — beyond logic. 1-series

The film "Peru and Bolivia long before the Incas" is based on the material collected during the expedition in autumn 2007. South American continent has retained traces not only magnificent, but very dramatic past.

Including in the fate of a highly developed civilization. The film includes a number of unique images that have never been shown, and viewers have the opportunity to see much the first time, as well as learn about new versions and hypotheses.

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Witness not only the flood: Episode 2

Ancient fortress Ollantaytambo created a highly developed civilization that was destroyed during the Flood. Inca caught here only the ancient ruins that have been used and not being able to restore them to the end.

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Technologies 10 thousand years ago: Episode 3

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The purpose of the divine creations: Episode 4

Historians believe many buildings in Peru temples and religious buildings.

However, to the builders, they had a completely different purpose: from ordinary houses to the scientific or military stations. And even the famous Sacsayhuaman is not a fortress and ancient ground where powerful explosions were conducted.

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Lost the war: Episode 5

Ancient structures in Peru and Bolivia have preserved traces of a powerful destructive effects of an explosive nature.
Waterfront ruins indicate the global military conflict in the area in the past. The conflict, which was part of the "war of the gods" mentioned in ancient legends.

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The mystery of Ica stones: Episode 6

Thousands of stones with drawings are in private collections in the city of Ica. Historians believe their modern forgery on the sole ground that the rocks shows the maps of unknown continents, surgical transplantation of internal organs and the people at the same time with the dinosaurs.
But in reality, the stones still continue to discover in ancient tombs. And explain the mystery of the appearance of such an intriguing plot drawings on the stones until no one can.

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