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Flood in Peru has led to the deaths of six man

February 10, 2013. The second largest city in Peru — Arequipa rains caused strong flood. Element led to the deaths of at least six man.

Torrential rain began in Arequipa on Friday night — only for the first seven hours city dropped about 12 inches of rain. Flood led to the destruction of hundreds of homes and buildings, city streets turned into torrents of mud, wash-off on the way vehicles.

As reported by the media, the water destroyed two bridges, cutting off Arequipa from neighboring towns.

The rainy season, which usually begins in Peru in February, often accompanied by flooding of rivers, floods and mudslides.

Recall that in January last year, tropical storms, lasting from November 2011, caused the death of 11 residents of Peru. Nearly five thousand Peruvians element left homeless. Still at 30 thousand man houses were damaged due to flooding.

Most affected by the floods and mudflows department of San Martin, which overflowed just three rivers — the Huallaga, Mayo and Uabamba.

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