Pink Fascism

Michael Tyurenkov, columnist "Culture"

There are a few topics that will inevitably cause the data noise. One of them — the rights of persons with different sexual orientation to that same orientation. The fight for these rights takes the most ridiculous form.

Media Activity gays and their strong desire to emerge from each iron and tune to march through the streets finally led to a reaction by the Russian legislature. January 25 State Duma in the first reading the draft law on administrative banning promotion of homosexuality among minors. This led even to the information noise, but by now the roar and sighing.


Although, in fact, no one in modern Russia does not violate the rights of sodomitskih: sleep with whoever you want, but behind closed doors. Even in the Soviet Criminal Code "anti-gay" article was rather a warning. Thus, according to statistics of the open, for all the 300 millionth Soviet Union for a non-traditional relationships annually condemned no more than one thousand people (despite the fact that minorities themselves insist on their "multimillion-dollar"). However, for 20 years, as such, Article canceled and return to it, no one is planning.

Today, lawmakers are only doing their duty to society. And received the law largely aims to keep well-groomed face gay hairy fists of Orthodox Banner Bearers. More precisely, okolopravoslavnyh — after church on such methods of dealing with sin does not bless. The authorities at all levels is finally the long-awaited legislative mechanism appears ban public gatherings of rainbow stripe. Activities, which is obvious provocation not only hardened conservatives, but many followers of non-traditional relationships, is well aware that neither the deputies nor the law enforcement officers are not going to climb into their bed. By the way, the document already has been tested in several regions of Russia, where similar bills have been previously adopted at the local level. And in Novosibirsk, nor in Kostroma, nor Archangel, nor, finally, in St. Petersburg for the duration of any such acts of Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine was not damaged.

On the other hand, this law is necessary not only and not so much for the preservation of "proto-and-ivnyh 'faces, but for the sake of narodosberezheniya — the main goal of any normal power. The younger generation must be protected from any negativity, not even a criminal offense. Whether it's alcohol or tobacco, movies or printed matter of a certain content, and, finally, those "gay parades", aimed at including the fact that the form at minors' misconceptions about social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional marriage " . The latter — a quote from the aforementioned bill, dry phrase for which there is a definite content. Take a look at old Europe — the reproduction of the population there is largely by guests from the East, which, by the way, while only sidelong glance at the march sodomites, and what will happen tomorrow — said simply. In some places, tomorrow has already begun — most recently in France tolerant supporters of the legalization of same-sex marriages shoulder to shoulder bludgeoned and ultranationalists and their swarthy yesterday's opponents.

Liberal journalist Masha Gessen, who presented on the channel "Rain" a — neither more nor less — "preaching" a tearful voice, told me about adoption and the boy of her own daughter, and the daughter of his "beloved." Hesse explained that it was on a family idyll (children, mother and another mother — "Mother's wife" or "papomama" I do not know how they made it to call each other) encroach legislators. And right lawmakers accused of fascism, recalling that in the Nazi concentration camps gay representatives had to wear a pink triangle. Summing up his speech, Hesse called on "all those who do not want to live under fascism, wear a pink triangle today."

That's it: either you wear a pink triangle, or do you want to live under fascism. Moreover, under the latter means nothing, as the natural desire of the absolute majority of Russians consider family is the union of man and woman. I should add, in accordance with the rules, which for more than a thousand years Russia holds — one man and one woman. And, by the way, the same Russian Muslims, who — according to their religious beliefs — polygamy is acceptable, never arranged any "polygamy parades," but always acted in solidarity in support of legislative initiatives such as this.

The term "fascism" is today largely speculative, but why not take the weapons the enemy? I propose to admit that yes, we are dealing with a real "pink fascism."

No pasaran!

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