Plastic in the ocean increases the water striders

Plastic in the ocean increases the water striders Facts

Number of plastic, get into large Pacific Garbage Patch, injury of 100 to the 1970th year, changing the distribution of marine species. Although debris stretched for thousands of kilometers to the west of California, is a threat to a large number of animals and insects, for one species it is a comfortable environment.

Sea water strider insects (Halobates sericeus) live on the surface of the water and lay their eggs on floating objects. In the relatively clean waters of such objects are shells, feathers and pumice. According to a new study carried out by scientists from the Institute of Oceanography in San Diego, skaters lay eggs on a huge amount of plastic, and their number increased in a short period of time. Never before in the open ocean, there was so much water striders, as now. This can have a significant impact on the marine food chain, particularly in the population of crabs, which feed water striders and their eggs.

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