Poas volcano can cause acid rain

Crater Poas. © Olaf Speier | Shutterstock.com

March 26, 2013. Poas Volcano in Central Costa Rica again complicates the lives of the surrounding areas.

Online resource Sostaricantimes.com reports that scientist volcanologist at the University of Costa Rica Raul Amador Mora, who visited volcano last week, found a dramatic shallowing of the lake in the crater. Its depth sostavyaet now only about three meters, whereas previously the lake was filled up to 50 meters depth.

The current due to low rainfall situation, according to experts, can cause acid rain in areas located around volcano Poas. After all, it is now virtually free of evaporation into the atmosphere.

In 1989 and 1994, the code in the crater lake also dried up, acid rain became a real disaster for all living around the volcano. They have caused respiratory problems among the local population, corrosion of metal, death of crops and vegetation around Poas.

However, so far no such effects have not yet seen "hints" on the eruption of Poas does not, and the government of Costa Rica is not planning to close for the many tourists visiting the national park around it.

Poas Volcano Located in central Costa Rica, north of its capital, San Jose. Since 1828 it has erupted 39 times, the last of them — in 2011.

Source: News Gismeteo

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