Poisoning residents Kartmazovo (MoD) and the inaction of the authorities


26.06.12.V by omission of bodies of state power in Russia and the information blockade suffered by our appeals in the media in Moscow and the Moscow region, we are forced to resort to using.
The village Karmazovo who with July 1, 2012 comes from the Moscow area and comes under the jurisdiction of the City of Moscow, there was an environmental disaster.
For more than 10 days, as the villagers subjected to chemical attack. June 16 this year, the population felt the pungent suffocating odor of the river "Setun", which flows through the village. In this case, the smell of the villagers felt for weeks, but its concentration on July 16 it became impossible to live. Sunday 06/17/2012 by residents found that the mouth of the unknown ejects waste. There is also a dump Salarevo.
On the same day, residents have sent a request to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. At the scene of the crime was attended by representatives of all the relevant agencies responsible for environmental Leninsky district, Moscow region and regional government representatives. Officially took samples of water from the river, the results of which showed that the content of chemical substances (phenol, formaldehyde) is thousands of times greater than the permissible standards (phenol: 2.8 — 3.7 mg / l (MCL of 0.001 mg / L) formaldehyde — 1.2 — 1.3 mg / l (MCL of 0.05 mg / L). Officials Moscow region verbally advised residents to flee the village.

If this is not possible, do not leave the house, and in any case not to go near the river. The same people were promised that "tomorrow" will begin emergency decontamination, but to date the chemical waste continues to pour into the river. Residents explain that have started some work. In this day the smell of phenol increases.
During the week of the meeting at a constant, but specific measures to address the disaster people do not see. It seems that local authorities can not cope with the environmental disaster of this magnitude. The village began to hurt children and cases of sickness among the adult population.

Among the residents of rampant panic, because no information on whether people continue to live on in their homes. People have been making repeated attempts to resolve the situation by informing how all of the authorities and the media. But reports in the media, which were in the public domain, immediately removed from the site.

Thus, it appears the information blockade. No one except the villagers and their relatives and friends, do not know what is going on in the city of Moscow.
People do not have confidence that there will be a global event to eliminate contamination.
People are just scared. Help, please!

Source: Ridus.ru

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