Polish politicians responsibility for torture in the secret heart of the CIA

Polish politicians responsibility for torture in secret CIA centerPolish prosecutors eventually collected confirmation allowed to bring charges in the case of the development of the private center in Poland, where the CIA kept prisoners suspected of terrorism. It is reported by the Polish «Gazeta Wyborcza».

According to the newspaper disk imaging, the Polish side had no idea what exactly did the South American CIA employees with their captives. Access to the center of Enigma Poles had since made it available to foreign secret services. In Poland, did not know that the CIA used torture, illegal in civilized countries, and did not know that at the center held a number of other and innocent citizens.

Resolution on the creation of the CIA center, as well as ignorance, now blames Polish politicians who were in power at that time. Maybe the politicians have acted under the influence of a terrible danger that the whole world felt after the attack, "Al-Qaeda" in the United States. No matter what country West could from now on be the object of attack. Policy guided by the interests of the country in the form in which they understood them.

In May 2011 «Gazeta Wyborcza» wrote that we should not show arrogance and condemn the Polish authorities since then. WTC skyscrapers fell and killed thousands of people. Poland joined the counterterrorism coalition.

In general, the correctness of the government's actions still had doubts. After all, it looks bad that the government agreed to a removal of the center of the CIA out of control in Poland. In principle, such a "deal" can be interpreted as a violation of the constitution.

As reported by the newspaper, the United States does not use torture in their own country, declaring himself to be a democratic state. For the realization of the United States of torture are "services" executioners from other states. But here's the status of an "black hole" and contrary to the laws of Poland, and hurt the country's reputation.

In Poland — a democratic country, a member of the EU — the authorities do not condone torture. Yes, it is clear that at the present time simply seek conviction of those 10 years of perceived decision to cooperate with the CIA. At the moment, these people will answer before the law. But the court should take into account how difficult are the criteria for policy makers had to act.

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