Poltergeist in the Italian town of Canneto di Caronia burning home




Program is a riot of poltergeist Dmitry Volcheck. Participate Radio Liberty correspondent Irina Stoilov, Giovanni Bensi and expert on religious sects Prof. Carlo climate.

Dmitry Volcheck: Absolutely incredible things happen in a small Italian town of Canneto di Caronia. About rampage poltergeist — Irina Stoilov.

Irina Stoilov: for the past month in the small Sicilian town of Canneto, located on the beautiful coast between Palermo and Messina, is a strange phenomenon: for no apparent reason start unexplained outbreak of a fire. They are already affected more than 12 homes in which at various times tanned different electrical appliances — televisions, refrigerators, intercoms, electric meters and contacts. It would seem that this is just a power failure, but in the same way as if a hand of a mysterious poltergeist started light and furniture. Before the astonished looks inhabitants of the town were on fire, sofas, blankets and curtains in several houses.

At first, no one believed the stories of the inhabitants of the Sicilian town that suddenly there is smoke in different places. Their worried calls from the police station replied that it was, for sure, just imagine the smoke fumes of alcohol. Desperate residents of the town had to lock the railway, passing by, in order to force the government to take their concerns seriously. Since then, the story became known, and Canneto, home to just 150,000 people, have been called "magical lights of the town." Got there crews televisions, including foreign ones, which showed the blackened walls of the houses, burnt furniture and stories of frightened residents.

In the seaside town has been strengthened by the presence of police and fire protection, which, however, found no evidence of arson. In search of a scientific explanation of what is happening there came together a lot of experts from different organizations. Technology mobile phone companies measured local power relay stations, representatives of the Ministry of Transport examined the possible effects of passing trains near, scientists from the Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology analyzed the alleged anomalous phenomena taking place in the bowels of the earth. Nothing, however, has not led to unambiguous scientific explanation of the mysterious fires. Meanwhile, a mysterious phenomenon continued in front of the police even after isolating the town from the mains. The fire had engulfed even running water. On some days of the inhabitants of the town were evacuated. One of them described how broke shoes on his feet and trousers, and he felt the devil's the smell of sulfur.

So much so, that the well-known Catholic priest Gabriele Amorth, the honorary chairman of the International Association of Exorcists, called to bless the homes affected by mysterious fires, in order to drive out Satan's presence. Frightened villagers are ready to believe the most bizarre hypotheses, such as the action of supernatural forces, the influence of some satellites for military purposes or floating near the submarine and even the intervention of aliens. Scientists have suggested that the fires provoked unusual electromagnetic phenomena, but the mystery remains.

Dmitry Volcheck: So, experts on demonology believe that the events in Canneto zameshena evil spirits. A Catholic priest exorcist Gabriele Amor told the newspaper that he had seen this before: the demons burst into the house and find themselves in electrical appliances. My colleague Mario Corti asked for a comment to an expert on religious sects Professor Carlo climate.

Carlo Climate: Authoritative exorcists were expressed about this. These people know their job, and their views should be treated with respect, they are authorized Episkopi. From my point of view, we must carefully study such phenomena and to avoid jumping to conclusions. In the past, done a lot of mistakes, such phenomena proved just jokes. If we talk about such a phenomenon as crop circles, they were made by man. In summary, I would say: I have treated with the respect to the opinions of exorcists, who believe that these phenomena have a spiritual origin, but with the conclusions I would not be in a hurry.

Dmitry Volcheck: This week the Archbishop of Genoa, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone announced a commission for exorcisms. Its members, in addition to the three priests entered a neurologist, a psychiatrist and a psychologist. The Commission will review the cases of all the faithful, whose diocesan clergy deem demoniacs. On the history of exorcism, I asked to tell our observer Giovanni Bensi.

Giovanni Bensi: The Devil as a principle of evil, in one form or another, is present in all religions. As in all religions there is a belief that the devil can take possession of the person or place, and come back to haunt strange, unusual phenomena. Christianity is no exception: in the New Testament, especially the Gospels, a lot of stories about how Jesus' casting out demons. " At the time, the action of demons or the devil, is also attributed to many diseases, especially mental.

Exorcism on a particular religious ceremony called exorcism. In the Catholic Church, each diocese should have its own exorcist, a priest, to whom the bishop instructs exorcism of the possessed. But not always respected this rule. In Rome, the most famous exorcist — Father Gabriele Amorth is for 14 years healed thousands of frenzied and wrote about their work, even a few books. He says that genuine cases of demon-possessed extremely rare, and they should be distinguished from the ordinary mental illness. Therefore it before proceeding to the rite of exorcism, always requires a thorough physical examination of the patient. During the exorcism, says Father Amorth, the devil, possessed by the mouth, talking with a priest, scolds him, swearing and refusing to leave his victim, but as a result of assiduous prayer exorcist, eventually gives up.

The classic signs of possession are considered a manifestation of a vast subject, not its inherent physical force and the sudden ability to speak to him previously unknown languages. In addition to depreciation, great fame as an exorcist in Rome enjoys an African bishop (he was born in Zambia), Emmanuel Milingo, who but then came under the influence of the Moon sect and even married a Korean woman. But Pope John Paul II forgave him and Milingo returned to the bosom of the Church. It is said that the Pope made an exorcism. That was in September 2000 when, during a papal blessing in St. Peter's 21-year-old girl from the northern Italian city of Monza began to scream and thrash about in such a way that even the police came to the rescue outfit could not hold her back. After the service, John Paul II, learning about it, invited the girl and made her over a half-hour rite of exorcism.

Of course, skeptics argue that all this is not scientific, just remnants of ancient superstitions. In response to these objections Archbishop of Genoa, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone created in his diocese a mixed commission of three priests and three doctors, a neurologist, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, who has previously examined those who allegedly was the victim of diabolic possession. If the commission establishes common disease, it is not performed an exorcism.


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