Powerful explosion in the crater of the volcano Sakurajima August 28. Video


28.08.11.Yaponsky volcano Sakurajima is active now, but large explosions from the caldera like this are very redki.Vy can clearly see the flow of flying rocks, ash and lava for several thousand feet in the air.

Below is a road but it all went well, the Nemenov a big bang can be opasnost.Eto happened today August 28, 2011 in the morning Japan time.

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Reference from Wikipedia:

Sakurajima (Jap.??) — The current stratovolcano located on the same island near Kyushu in the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima. Until 1914, Sakurajima was an island, but it was the eruption of lava flows connected with the Osumi Peninsula. The height of the volcano — 1117 meters, and the area — about 77 km ². At Sakurajima three peaks: the northern peak Kitadake (Jap.??, 1117 m), central Nakadake (Jap.??, 1060 m) and southern Minamidake (Jap.??, 1040 m).

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