Predictions about the end of the world 2008-2049

List of the most impressive predictions that we are predicting imminent end of the world

2008y Earth will face a huge asteroid (with a diameter of more than 800 m).

2009y Armageddon based racshifrovok Centuries of Nostradamus Peter Laurie.

2010y Run out of oil, war for resources. Another promise that the Earth turns away from the sun. But it will be "temporary" end of the world.

2011y The end of the Mayan calendar cycle. Is a common date on which, according to various beliefs, held an end. Perhaps the asteroid collision will happen in 2005 YU55.

2012y End of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Children Board to prepare, from 0.5% of the population has a chance to survive.

2013th Ragnarok, it is the Day of Judgment. Day start and end! Hyperspace in the fourth dimension. For mortals it is death, but for the gods — the birth.

2014y According to astrophysicists, our solar system is approaching cloud of space dust, break out of the black hole and destroying everything in its path. Dull end of the world.

2015y End of 9576-year cycle, which leads to the death of civilization.

2016y James Hansen, a climate researcher at the state of the Earth, says that this year will melt glaciers and much of the land would be flooded.

2017y End of the world on the theory of hierarchical disasters.

2018y Nuclear war on the same Nostradamus.

2019y Asteroid 2002 NT7.

2020y The prediction of Isaac Newton, he is on the basis of predictions of St. John the Divine, has calculated that the end of the world will be in this year.

2021y End of the world according to some Indian prophets and Richard Boylan.

2026y A possible "demographic doomsday" provided that the hyperbolic pattern of growth of the world population 1 — 1958. n. e. according to Heinz von Foerster

2028y The death of all life on Earth from asteroid 1997 XF-11 in the Sydney area.

2034y Destruction of mankind according to divination 1999 Russian Oleg Solomennikova contactee. That date, he was named the aliens with whom he had contact with.

2035y End of the world predicted by Nostradamus according to the calculations of its researchers Dm. and H. Winter, which will be preceded by a 27-year war (that is, 2008 — The war in Iraq), 25 of which (ie since 2010) it will be the World, before this phase of World War II will reintegration of the former Soviet Union at the 3rd Russian President = "King Aquillon."

2036y Mankind will be destroyed as a result of a possible collision with Earth asteroid 99942 Apophis
2049y End of the world according to calculations astrologer L.Rybalko in 1999

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