Private company SpaceX will launch military satellites

Private company SpaceX will launch military satellites
Personal aerospace company Space X, developed and launched a cargo ship Dragon, signed with the U.S. Department of Defense contract for admission to military professionals Falcon 9 rocket v1.1. Experts at the center of cosmic and missile systems SMC should explore personal safety equipment and to decide on the admission of the military launches. Details leads Defense News.

In the case of a positive opinion of professionals the company can expect to receive state orders already in 2015, the economy and then the first military satellites into space in 2017. Signed at the moment the contract regulates access to technology professionals SMC and documentation Space X, also draws legally protect both commercial Enigma companies and technologies that under U.S. law can not be exported to other countries. A press release from SMC, which is referred to Defense News, also emphasizes the possibility of a similar agreement with another private enterprise: Orbital Science Corporation, manufacturer of missiles «Antares».

Earlier, in 2012, the military claimed that in order to reduce the costs of removing satellites, they want to redistribute 14 of 50 launches planned and did not give their United Launch Alliance, and other companies on a competitive basis. According to the views of reviewers Defense News, specifically Space X as already confirmed their potential carrier, has every chance of getting most or even all of these treaties.

Formally ULA is also personal company, but practically it is a cooperative project of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, aircraft companies with davneshney history of municipal orders. Lockheed Martin, for example, obtained from government orders a huge part of their profits, and in 2009 they had more than 7 per cent of all contracts signed by the Pentagon. Space X is a new player in the market and due to their military konkurentnst expect to make with the following start lowering prices.

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