Prolonged rains in Bolivia have caused floods and landslides

February 3, 2013. Strong incessant rains, often accompanied by hail, have produced a number of landslides on all Bolivia. As a result of the 8159 Bolivian families were left homeless, as the space in which they lived, were completely destroyed by the elements. Downpours and gale brought into disrepair about 2 million hectares of agricultural land.

According to the Ministry of Defence, 48 communities in eight states of the country are in a critical condition. It is especially difficult had the southern areas Bolivia, and in the three southern states in the first place decided send enhanced humanitarian assistance.

To avoid mass leakage of the affected population in neighboring Argentina, rescuers and state agencies are going to act on a specially designed plan reconstruction of the affected areas. For rescue activities allocated $ 2.5 million, all the victims will be equipped with the necessary warm clothing, food and drink. In place of landslides has directed special equipment for demining.


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