Pseudo-science does not happen

Sergei M. GODIN
Regarding the Committee on Anti-science (yes, for "junk science" just does not happen!), I fully agree with Yu.Cherednichenko that grows scanty feeder, feed not all is not enough, and began the usual natural selection. Strong, rather brash and vociferous, have become the loudest cry of hunger, or rather not even from hunger, and from the possible thoughts of him that have something real to do.
But from the point of view of human society these troubled neighbors want to arrogate to itself the right not only to absolute truth, but also on the issue of the gracious permission to conduct any work! Consequently, all of the outstanding "pseudoscientific" the results will already be legally belong to these dignitaries.
All this fuss looks like a cat fight in the kitchen sovdepovskoy communal, from the point of view of the small physicist Neformal to me this would be a bullfight on the drum, if not alarming number of circumstances. In order:
1. Occur fierce attacks on new areas of physics, and as one of the targets for the selected book aimed fire spikes and Akimov. I do not support the widespread use of generators miracle "torsion" of the field, but something I do not really fit in my head — what's so exciting orthodox?
Errors in the derivation of formulas? It's unlikely they are practically everywhere. Bringing questionable experimental data? Yes, perhaps, but it is usually discussed in the relevant sections and workshops, not loudly on the planet. Seems to me that the main motive of the attacks nebeskorysten, and for the direct executors are well-informed people who know the true direction of movement science in the near future.
Do you think that Henry Amvrosievich Rukhadze and Runar Nikolaevich Kuzmin, scientists from around the world — book reviewers Shipova — complete idiots and do not know what they were for the book they criticized?
On the contrary, they understand better than all the shortcomings of this book and its value in the introduction to the consideration of the various states of the ether. That's the root of the attacks — Wednesday, the most that is real with very unusual properties.
2. The second object of attacks — a book V.L.Dyatlova "polarization model homogeneous physical vacuum" (for more details, see the ~ che / Dyatlov.htm), which is essentially an extension and generalization of the book Shipova with concrete examples of natural physical manifestation of the inhomogeneity of the ether — this is known Sasovo explosions, natural glowing formations of ball lightning to the Tunguska explosion of 1908. The book provides a detailed physical picture of the events taking place are considered probable cycles of energy transformations in the nature of energy. Again, remember — we are talking about a very specific ENVIRONMENT.
I will not give examples of which are old-old with a fall of stones from the sky, cybernetics and genetics, and others, to say the least, "lyapami" our great Academy.

Let's just say my opinion: PSEUDOSCIENCE NEVER!

On the one hand, the actions of the Inquisition of the science is quite clear — it is a struggle for soldering, but, on the other hand, this is a meager rations, and that for her to come to the committee meeting laziness, not what to write and scream with laughter.
For this reason, even the simple worker arouse suspicion, not whether there is a question of a lavish "dop.payke" from sponsors, who wished to remain anonymous?
The focus of pseudo-scientific committee (note what the exact name!) Is obvious. Denigrated the most advanced and cutting-edge areas of physics, promising unprecedented benefits to the Russian state. Analyzing the latest editions of foreign scientific journals such as Physica Scripta, Optik, Phys.Letters, Physica D, and others can see that it is a very serious problem brainstorming environment and its properties. This is especially noticeable in recent years, when it became clear that the oil runs out in the next decade, and will soon do in and gas reserves. Great energy crisis looming on the horizon, began an intensive search for other sources of energy and ways to travel in space.
According to modern concepts, we swim in the ocean gratis etheric energy that are left to figure out how to make the impeller and neutralize the side effects. Here also raises a new question — who is the first to do this wheel. No need to talk about the importance of this nuance, so in the course are all means to confuse and mislead a potential competitor, to whom the present is our country has as yet not completely lost scientific potential and brains, turn slightly to the heavens, and not towards an empty pocket.
I would not be surprised that the pseudo-scientific committee will continue to work to repeat his own, even when on the court in front of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences silently landed some new Mathias Rust on the new "TR-3B" with greetings from our country, Lockheed-Martin, and with valuable gifts for members Commission. So what to do? Diligently do their thing!
God willing, survive this attack, will not be worse, because there is no place.

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