Rabid pit




Because of his "tricks" family ustyuzhan Markov two weeks living as a volcano.

"Hey, Val, something with our pit strange is going on, — said Oleg puzzled by putting a bucket. — Some warm water."

In the courtyard — the height of October. Frosts in Ustyuzhna Vdarili not fall — on the well even formed a layer of ice. What's warm! ..

However, the water was almost hot. What the hell! Valentina picked up another bucket, put the thermometer and there was stupefied: + 33 degrees! "I was not alone — recalls a woman. — Do we live on a volcano? Well three meters away from the hut — fall through because, if that …"

From that day on Markov living in Zarechnoe Lane, lost peace. Explain the anomaly could neither in SES, or in the local House of nature. Their lane — on the outskirts of the city, around a private house near no water, no sewer.

"It is strange that the color, smell and taste of the water is not changed — surprised a former sailor Oleg Markov. — We washed and cooked soup and tea brewed …"

"It was scary and funny, — is connected to the conversation of his wife, a medical assistant, psychiatrist Ustyuzhenskaya CRH. — I rinse clothes, and the most scary. What is down there, why water is heated?" ..

The well was built about 50 years ago, has long puzzled them. Father Oleg Ivanovich put it exactly on the spot where the winter for some reason never frozen ground. In recent years, the path to it suddenly began to fall, as would sink into the soil. This spring the side of the pit crater. And in order to fall asleep, it took 10 wheelbarrows of rubble!

… Two weeks Ustyug fetched the warmth (32-33 degrees +) and puzzled over the anomaly. Then Oleg stopped close the well cover — and the water began to cool. Now it is normal temperature.

"Unexplained gone, and the fear was gone, — says Valentina. — Always after scary is that it is unclear reason. Still wondering: what was it? .."

Comment specialist

Anatoly Trufanov, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, hydrogeologist, professor of Vogt:

— It is unlikely that we are dealing with the phenomenon of natural character. If it was an underground spring, and would change the quality of water, its chemical composition — which has not happened. It is possible that it is still a breakthrough heating systems.

In the 80 years in Vologda I twice had to deal with nowhere who took thermal baths. In the area of flax suddenly went cold water. People thought it was spring, began to walk to it with buckets, but it turned out — the water from the main reservoir. And once scored a key from the hot water near the shop "Yakhont". Began to find out — again heating burst.

The water can be heated by the radioactive decay and, when a large amount of energy. But this is fantastic!


"Premier", 19.11.2003, Vologda, n46
Author: Andrei Ivanov
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