Railways transferred half of Sakhalin railway to mainland standards

Railways transferred half of Sakhalin railway (width 1,067 meters) on the mainland standard (width 1,520 meters), translated 403 of the 806 kilometers of the island highway, according to the press service of the Far Eastern branch of Sakhalin.
The cost of upgrading an old Japanese narrow gauge on Sakhalin Island to the national standard — about 15.5 billion rubles, the work began in 2003. The island highway, construction of which began by the Japanese in the 20s of the last century, is significantly different from other roads, and above all, its track width — 1,067 meters.

To carry cargo arriving at the island from the mainland, you have to change the wheel bogie wagons. In addition to the Russian companies are no longer manufactured locomotives for narrow gauge. With the transition to the all-Russian standard gauge item rearrangement of cars in the port of Kholmsk will be liquidated, eliminating the need and specialized locomotives, which significantly reduce the cost of rail transport in Sakhalin.
"Over the past years, the reconstruction of a truly large-scale work accomplished: completed 403 kilometers, built 39 new bridges, 80 culverts. Constructed round two old tunnels near the station Tomari, bypassing the three-kilometer danger zone (118-120 km) line of mine-Elyinsk, completed reconstruction Recent Japanese Tunnel on the same line, it is mastered about 20 billion rubles. Along with the track reconstruction of the complex, we performed a significant amount of work on updating the management signaling, centralization and blocking power "- said the deputy head of the Far Eastern Railway by Andrew Vaulin Sakhalin region.
Today work on the upgrade narrow gauge under the Sakhalin continental dimension are maintained in the station area Zaozerne. Since the beginning of the first technology by installing windows "trehnitki" just over seven years, the report says. Fully updated track sections between stations and Nogliki Tymovsk, Tymovsk station and deer-Sakhalinsk (Poronayskiy district), Korsakov — Hristoforovka station. Reconstructed path on stages from the station to the station Vahrushev Makarov.
"This year we will have to lay 60 kilometers. This is more than last year on the job five kilometers. Laying began in April, completed 19 kilometers. Today's milestone — 403 kilometers, or half of the main course — of course, pleases. When we started, even in the first line of hundred miles seemed almost not reach. And now, after the "equator", styling, hopefully, will go much easier, "- said the head of PMS-188 Evgeni Kudryashov.

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