Rain and flooding in eastern France

Rain and flooding in eastern France Natural Disasters

Recent severe thunderstorms and downpours turned east France in this disaster area. The absolute record for the country was observed in one of the administrative centers Lataringii Nancy, where three hours dropped 86 mm of rain. From the last census shows that over the first six minutes of the city hit 15.7 mm, and for the first hour — 49 mm. Emergency services staff received about 460 calls for help related to the flooding.
Only in the flooded areas are about two hundred firefighters and 80 vehicles. Because of the threat of collapse of houses in the prefecture of Meurthe-and-Moselle were immediately evacuated 15 people. In the city basements and lower floors of the buildings are covered by water, the main streets are covered with water up to 2 meters. Over on that street is so strong that rescue vehicles could hardly move in the direction of disaster areas. For this reason, there was a collision and fire engine of the bus, the passengers and the driver, firefighter injured. The authorities have decided to close the movement for several commuter routes.

Nancy streets during the flood May 22, 2012.
Similar problems faced another French department — Lower Rhine. In a town awash College closed, damaged dwellings. All local fire within an hour of the most intense rainfall was recorded about 1,700 calls for help, but usually in a week they handle only 160 calls.

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