Rats and mice invaded the Egyptian resort of Port Said


20.06.11.Iz Egyptian city of Port Said in a hurry run by tourists. Reason for this was the mouse and rat, literally flooded the city in recent years.

The city authorities have already sounding the alarm, because rodents are a real threat to both human health and the tourism business of the city. Despite all the measures taken by the city government of rodents is not reduced. Rats and mice have run out in the open on the streets in residential neighborhoods and resort, frightening tourists and creating the image of Port Said dirty city.

To get rid of the "gray threat", the city announced a reward for each rat's head — $ 0.3. According to Egyptian media, local residents were enthusiastic about the opportunity to make money and with passion to hunt rodents. Each other locals even hold contests for the best hunter of mice and rats.

Source: Spis.su

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