Reconstruction of substation Eastern-1

Energy branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Kostroma" conduct a comprehensive upgrade 35 kV substation "East 1", transferring it to a larger voltage of 110 kV.

Substation "East 1" — one of the most important energy facilities in Kostroma, which provides electricity residential quarters, industrial enterprises, utilities and social institutions in the eastern part of the city. Reconstruction of the substation is part of the investment program of the branch in 2011.

As a result of the reconstruction of the maximum capacity of the substation will increase from 26 MW to 50 MW. In the process of replacing the outdoor switchgear, 35 kV new 110 kV. The wire dismantling of the old 35 kV double-circuit support and installation of two new 110 kV single-circuit towers. To increase the capacity of the substation transformers manufactured dismantling of two 10 MW and 6 MW and a plant instead of two 110 kV transformers with a capacity of 25 MW each are modified relay protection and automation, remote control, set Electrogas modern equipment. Work carried out on the existing substation in stages without interruption of power supply.

"Substation" East-1 "is located in a large district of the city and is important for its energy supply, — said Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of the branch of" IDGC of Center "-" Kostromaenergo "Yevgeny Smirnov. — The need for reconstruction due to moral and physical deterioration of the equipment, as well as increased stress in the city. The increase in stress causes us to take measures to increase the capacity and reliability of the object. The reconstruction more consumers will be able to carry out technological connection to the networks of the branch. "

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