Record drought in Brazil threatens agriculture

January 12, 2013. North-east Brazil is suffering from its worst drought in decades. The greatest damage to the agricultural industry is suffering. Suffered from a lack of rain fields of corn, cotton and sugar cane. From drying pastures killed many goats and cattle. Thousands of farmers lost their livelihoods.

Commented the Minister of Agriculture of one of the north-eastern states Brazil Eduardo Salles: "We are experiencing the worst drought in 50 years. The consequences of this can only be compared with the earthquake. "

Another negative factor associated with drought, a decline of hydropower. Dam in the north-east of the country only work on 32% power. Under the threat of deprivation of power is more than 20 million people.

Meteorologist Celsius Oliveira said: "Even if in the coming days the rains, it is hardly likely to improve the situation."

It is noteworthy that the disaster zone and is city Bahia is the fourth most populous city in the country. In the disaster zone were some of the twelve cities in which in 2014 will host the World Cup.

Source: Meteovesti

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