Record Poverty in U.S.

Washington. September 14. FINMARKET.RU — The poverty rate in the U.S. in 2010 rose to a peak of over 17 years, and household income were at most lowest level in a decade, the agency Bloomberg citing data from the U.S. Census Bureau. It promises a heated debate over unemployment, which will be the main topic in the presidential race in 2012.

According to the Bureau, the proportion of people in the U.S. living below the poverty line has increased in 2010 to 15.1% compared to 14.3% in 2009, and the average household income of the country has decreased by 2.3%. Thus, in the United States lived below the poverty line in the past year, 46.2 million people, the maximum amount for the last 52 years — the history of calculating this indicator Office.

The median income of households reached of the lowest level since 1996, falling to $ 49.445 million from $ 50.599 a year earlier. The average poverty threshold in the United States for the family of four, adjusted for inflation in 2010 was $ 22,314 thousand

Index that tracks financial state the average household, calculated CredAbility, hit a record low in the fourth quarter of 2009. In 31 years, during which holds CredAbility index calculation, the worst performance were observed in the past 13 quarters.

The number of Americans who have not worked for at least one week a year, increased to 86 million from 83 million in 2009, said Trudi Renwick Bureau employee. If the payment of unemployment benefits have been excluded from the income of households, the number of Americans living below the poverty line would increase by another 3.2 million

The problem of income and poverty is at the center of discussions in Washington. President Barack Obama has put forward proposals to stimulate the labor market at $ 447 billion, while the special congressional committee considering how to reduce the budget deficit by more than $ 1.5 trillion.

The report by the Census Bureau highlighted the fact that middle-class Americans are under attack, although in 2010 the economy grew by 3%. And this year, the trend may worsen as the economy is showing signs of weakening.

"I can not imagine a situation worse," — said a senior researcher at the Brookings Institution in Washington, Ron Haskins. "We had more than a decade of problem indicators (economy). And this period is going to end," — he said.

We have the same, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, the income below the poverty level in 2010 were 13.1% of Russians, or 18.5 million people. Compared with 2009, the poverty rate in 2010 fell by only 0.1 percentage point.

However, this record low at any time since 1992 (in 1992 was recorded maximum poverty rate of 33.5%). Prior to that, the minimum poverty level was recorded in 2009 (13.2% of the adjusted assessment instead of 13.1% according to preliminary data), in 2007 — 13,3%, in 2008 — 13.4%, in 2006 — 15 , 2%, in 2005 — 17.7%.

A living wage in Russia is estimated to Rosstat, in the fourth quarter of 2010 amounted to 5902 rubles per person per month (compared to 5144 rubles in the fourth quarter of 2009), including the working-age population — 6367 rubles (5562 rubles), for pensioners — 4683 rubles (4091 rubles), for children — 5709 rubles (4922 rubles). Of this amount, the cost of the consumer basket in the fourth quarter of 2010, an average of 5502 rubles per person per month, the costs of compulsory fees and charges accounted for in the total amount of the subsistence minimum 400 rubles per person per month.

Thus, in Russia the cost of living for a family of four (two able-bodied adults and two children) in the fourth quarter of 2010 was approximately 289.8 thousand rubles a year, or $ 9.5 million at an average exchange rate.

In general, the Russian average per capita income in the fourth quarter of 2010 amounted to 21 thousand 917 rubles per month, representing 371% of the poverty level. The average monthly wage in the fourth quarter was 23 thousand 491 rubles (369% of the cost of living for the working age population). The average pension in the fourth quarter amounted to 8 166 thousand rubles (174% of the minimum subsistence level for pensioners).

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