Record snowfall in Rochester, New York

December 30. Residents of Rochester, to go out on the street, had to dig out the entrances to their homes, which are covered with snow. Some townspeople to clear yards took more than an hour. Some were not able to do without the help of neighbors. Roads connecting neighborhoods were barely distinguishable, which gave a lot of difficulties to those who decided to go to work on your own car.

To release the snowy Rochester, took much more snow removal equipment than usually, because this snowfall it is already possible to rank as the present record. Were involved in those machines that usually used only in an emergency. While clearing snowdrifts is continuous.

Fortunately, snowfall not had time to darken the lives of citizens, and so the amount in the season only pleases residents of Rochester, as they may be enough to enjoy winter outdoor activities forks without leaving the confines of his native village.



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