Record the test rocket engine


The fire endurance test reusable rocket engine demonstrator S5.86.1000-0 number 2 draft 7.5 ton of fuel on a pair of liquid oxygen (LCD) — Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been successfully held on September 28 at the stand B2A IC-106 FSE "SIC RCP" in Relight (Moscow region).

The rocket engine was developed and manufactured in "KBhimmash them. A.M.Isaeva "- FSUE" Khrunichev. Khrunichev "for technical specifications SSC FSUE" Keldysh Research Center. "


During the test, performed twice for the motors. Duration of first inclusion was 162 seconds. On the second turn set a record length of this dimension of the engine with a single turn — 2007 seconds. The tests were terminated for the development of components.


The total operating time of this instance the engine during the 4-inclusions was 3389 seconds.

During the test, confirmed the possibility of multiple (double) to start and stop the engine demonstrator on liquefied natural gas, long the engine, made in a closed circuit with regenerative post-combustion gas generator, fuel for steam LCD LNG stability prolonged (more than 2000 seconds) the engine demonstrator in the basic mode with different combinations of rods and the ratio of the fuel components, the correctness of the technical solutions to provide multiple launch, control, regulation, taking into account the characteristics of liquefied natural gas, the ability to stand for the long-term tests, etc.

The tests carried out have allowed to obtain experimental data to refine the methodology for calculating the cooling of the combustion chamber when using LNG as a coolant. Also improved the technology of transportation, refueling and temperature control of large masses of liquefied natural gas and proven technological solutions, practically applicable procedures for refueling flight products.

The program has successfully completed testing of the engine.

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