Records of domestic aviation

February 9, Russia celebrates birthday domestic civil aviation. Russian pilots have always been distinguished by high professionalism, skill and dedication to the profession that has repeatedly allowed them to perform the most sophisticated travel. Read more about the records of domestic aviation, see infographic RIA Novosti reported.

© RIA Novosti Infographics. Alexei Timatkov / Nadia Andrianov (clickable)

February 9, 1923 the Council of Labor and Defense of the Russian Federation adopted a decree "On the organization of the Civil Aviation", which laid the foundation for the emergence of our country passenger aircraft fleet.

In 1920?'s, After the end of World War II, aviation in Europe is increasingly used for peaceful purposes — for the carriage of passengers, mail and cargo. Do not fall behind its neighbors and Russia. Civilian flights abroad were carried out mainly in the converted military aircraft.

Only later, March 17, 1923 was established Russian Association of Voluntary Air Force — "Dobrolet", which became the ancestor of Aeroflot.

Today in Russia there are 120 airlines. At the end of 2012 they carried 74 million passengers, up 15.5% over the previous year. The main volume of traffic, more than 70%, as in 2011, accounted for the top four, "Aeroflot", "Transaero", "UTair" and a group of S7.

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