Refusal to supply Iran with our C-300 is beneficial to China

Refusal to supply Iran with our C-300 is beneficial to China

Apparently, which lasted three years, inglorious history of the Russian Federation's refusal to supply Iran with air defense missile systems S-300 has not ended, although formally put an end to it in the course of nedavneshnego U.S. visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev when he promised not to send Barack Obama to Iran has already collected at the concern of NGOs "Almaz-Antey" and paid for by Iran five battalions of S-300PMU-1. Price contract signed by Moscow and Tehran in 2007, according to various reports, ranged from $ 800 million to $ 1 billion.

As it became clear from the media reports, Iran now wants to shift urgently needed to purchase his anti-aircraft missile systems to China. In addition, in Iran as well as its counterpart hastily created SAM, similar C-300, as first announced in 2010 in Tehran, Iranian member of the military command Heshmatolla Kathir. He alleged that the new complex is being developed spices Iranian defense industry, recently entered service state of the army.


In 2008, despite the global economic and monetary crisis, the world has sold a record number of weapons and military equipment — $ 59.74 billion. This is more than twice the figure for 2004 — $ 27.188 billion. So significant increase in the supply of arms was recorded for the first time since the end of the war cool. Our homeland in 2008, sold guns and military equipment for $ 8.35 billion.

Our direct loss

In addition, Iran has warned that in case of failure to complete the contract on the Russian S-300, he will claim through international arbitration return the entire amount of the contract and payment of penalties. According to various estimates, the total losses of the Russian Federation under contract C-300 can be about $ 1.2 billion. If we remember that in the past year, all Russian arms exports worth only $ 8.5 billion, it turns out that our homeland out of a desire to serve the United States has thrown down the drain about 14% of annual revenues from the export of weapons.

Iran has also started to show of, what if she's from political judgment does not comply with the foreign trade agreement on the C-300, it may suffer in other areas. In the spring of this year, Tehran announced the expulsion back to Russia all the crews of our pilots who have long lead on domestic flights Iran Russian Tu-154. In addition, because of the long ago began puffs in the delivery of anti-aircraft missiles Iran has also completed negotiations on the purchase in Russia party of 30 passenger aircraft Tu-204, which were conducted in 2007.

«Qui prodest?»

«Qui prodest?» («Who benefits?") This is a Latin phrase for hundreds of years in asking for yourselves those who wish to understand the essence of what is happening. Who profitable, so our anti-aircraft missiles did not go to Iran, where they would not have allowed foreign aircraft to bombard the country with impunity? RF? No, because it is losing money instead of earning comparable in magnitude with the amount by which the Defense Ministry would purchase new weapons for the army and navy for the year ahead. Funds are also needed designers to be our weapons, especially anti-aircraft, as even the Air Force generals admit that Russian air defense systems are at a standstill, and the time of introduction of new technologies behind the "virtual opponent" for 20-30 years. A Russian air defense systems are not able to reflect all threats from states such as North Korea and Iran.

Iran itself stall agreement on the C-300 is also disadvantageous. Its airy space in this case is blatant.

In fact most profitable it is only three countries — the United States, Israel and China. Israel and the U.S. have the opportunity to apply unpunished attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities if he did not have time to urgently find an adequate substitute for our air defense system and to cover up their buried in the mountain caves of the enterprise. In the Persian Gulf has already sent shock group of several 10-s U.S. warships led by the aircraft carrier. In case of conflict, it can be used against Iran in conjunction with the Israeli air force.

Refusal to supply Iran with our C-300 is beneficial to China

Chinese arms makers profitable loss of Russian military agreements

China is most interested in the loss of Russian style of a reliable supplier to the arms markets. Unlike the United States, Russia and England, three global sellers guns, China does not motivate aspects of the policies of the customers it is ready to deliver at least what all that is available, and what the customer is willing to pay.

The Chinese are almost on their heels to our military-industrial complex in the world arms market. In recent decades they have purchased in Russia under the pretext of "test batch" of 1-2 reference the latest models of aircraft, tanks, artillery and rockets on their own military factories dismantled them to the screw, and then backed up with all the probable diligence. Eventually they may have to offer to the market practically all.

Of course, from time to time they copy not quite so vtupuyu: as the saying goes, "possible options" …

Thus, since 1992 Our homeland supplied to China Su-27SK, shipped 76 pieces, and in 1995 and completely sold the license to build on the Chinese aircraft factory has 200 such machines. Since 1996, under the title J11 were collected in Shenyang with the introduction of Russian components. By 2003, Our homeland has set 95 sets for future fighter J11, but on the next batch of 105 pieces China has refused to sign the treaty, apparently, considering that it has received all the necessary technology. But the Chinese have officially explained to withdraw from the agreement one-sided "limited combat capabilities" of the aircraft.

Refusal to supply Iran with our C-300 is beneficial to China

What of our weapons copied Chinese

According to the views of military professionals, the Chinese "pirates", having mastered our technology will now be set up next to J11 of the countries of the Third World. In fact, Russian specialists of this and waited, knowing the "oriental subtlety" of the Chinese mindset, but to pretend that China will need to practicing a new production for more than 10 years, especially the engine.

The Chinese came out faster. Even first-2000s. among them there was a modified J11, consisting of 70% of the local devices. It was equipped advanced Chinese radar could carry missiles made in China, also had the opportunity to storm the ground targets. Later, they were almost completely changed all the analog gauges Russian Su-27 to its on-board computer with multiple monitors. And in 2007, China has sh
own the first models of the model J11B — almost a complete copy of the advanced Su-27SMK.

In the Army of China, there are other standards of weapons, similar to Russian. In cooperation with Russian company "Fazotron-NIIR" China took "on trial" 1-2 radar for fighters, but there were a couple of years of Chinese copies. Currently under construction in Shanghai 054A missile frigate project set search radar, similar to our system, "Fregat-M2EM", which is the birthplace of our previously supplied to China. Chinese 155-mm self-propelled howitzer PLZ05 copied from Russian 2S19M1. Multiple launch rocket system "Smerch" is issued without any licensing agreements in China under the name of A-100.

Refusal to supply Iran with our C-300 is beneficial to China

China competes with us on the arms markets

The Chinese also made konkurentnst Russian MiG-29 in Egypt, where Moscow had wanted to put 32 cars. But it turned out that the Egyptians directly with the MiG-29 interested in the opportunity to acquire an exact, but three times more than a cheap copy ($ 10 million versus $ 35 million) — Sino-Pakistani fighter FC-1, which even are Russian engines RD-93. At the same time China through Rosoboronexport bought in Russia 100 engines at once for their own FC-1, which allowed it to quietly offer their aircraft (direct competitors of our "MiG") of Egypt.

Refusal to supply Iran with our C-300 is beneficial to China

Aircraft manufacturers of China also managed to make a clone of Russian carrier-based fighter Su-33, calling it the J-15. As a basis for this was taken by the most experienced Russian plane T10K more times, which somehow remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Ukraine and Kiev was sold to China. These two machines have allowed Chinese engineers to solve the problem of a folding wing for his own deck-based fighters.

Refusal to supply Iran with our C-300 is beneficial to China

Typically, the earlier China had intended to purchase a RF outright 50 deck-based fighters Su-33, but then decided to initially acquire "on trial" two copies. Of course, to further explore the design and flight performance properties of the model … But Our homeland has refused to sell the two planes, for fear of leakage of technology and keeping in mind the situation with the aircraft J-11. After that, China has bought in Kiev T10K and began to make his car — a clone of the Su-33.

Su-33 — bunch of technologies

But the Su-33 — not just a plane, and one of the world's few samples based fighter fourth generation, it is in service with the Russian Navy in 1991. It is designed for defense against air attack ships, has a system of refueling in the air. Besides guns, the Su-33 is a known anti-ship missile "Mosquito", if it enters cracks the size of an aircraft carrier ships, and missiles of "air-to-air." The Su-33 is in fact the case — bunch of good technical idea: it is the sight, allowing storm and destroy enemy aircraft even in the full radio silence. The information is displayed to the pilot on the windshield, and the pilot has a helmet-mounted target designation system. Capture 'targets homing missile target, the pilot directs their own helmet visor. On the Su-33 they say that it is much greater than the P-14 and P-18 — the main U.S. carrier-based fighter.

And this miracle machine is now in the hands of Asian rivals Russia. In addition, China now has established a batch creation fighter J-10, J-11 and FC-1, which are clones of our Su-30, Su-27 and MiG-29. There are reports that China wants to build and implement abroad more than 1,200 of these fighters at prices twice or even three times lower than the Russian originals.

And the low cost of Chinese aircraft will be explained not only low-wage workers in the Chinese aircraft plants, and the fact that they were created for the Chinese people do not have to invest a lot of money and years of labor in R & D in the refinement of the technologies, testing new cars and their start-up creation. With all of this China actually nobody denies supplying weapons, though it is focused in the main on is not very rich country. First, they are not interested in the quality of equipment and its technological advantages, and cost. With all of this China had virtually no fussing about his own style of responsible supplier of military equipment and weapons. It implements a weapon, even in war zones in Africa and Asia.

China did not promise to faithfully observe sanctions against Iran

Experts say that the possibility that the PRC is able to realize a copy of our Iran of S-300 after our homeland refused to supply them under pressure from the U.S., is very high. After all, China in the Security Council made no promises in connection with the resolution on additional sanctions against Iran, therefore, can not consider themselves very much related sanctions Sat

And why not? Many Russian military technology Chinese designers have already mastered, and fully able to sell them without the help of others as their own. And they organize opposition impossible at first for political reasons: China needs now is the Russian Federation in almost every sense, and foreign policy, too.

So it should be recognized that by abandoning the Iranian contract, Our homeland "shot themselves in the foot for," as the British proverb. Very willing pro-American lobby in the top leadership of the country to please dear Uncle Sam. That's just about the harms of the country, it somehow did not think of. Or maybe not going to think. Before him there?

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