Relations between the military has not yet made available by the police and the military prosecutors office has already started to run high

The relationship is not established between the military police and the existing military prosecutors are already starting to heat upAccording to experts, the case is not made between the military and the police with military prosecutors are already starting to heat up. Completely possible that they may develop into that nasty scenario, which You can follow between the General Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Committee. An indirect proof of this may be referred to the fact that the Ministry of Defence received a complaint from the management of the military prosecutor's office to "inappropriate" pictures of the future agency.

Military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky sent a letter to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, in which they say that in the 1st of the main contenders for the post of head of the military police has a previous conviction. A copy of this letter in the hands of the correspondents of the newspaper "Kommersant", and that shed light on its details.

Namely, it says that since November 2011 to establish a control group of control of the military police is Lt. Gen. Sergei Surovkin, which also named as one of the more promising candidates for the post of Chief of the brain controls the agency created under the Ministry of Defence. Fridinskiy also directed attention to the fact that Surovkin sixteen years ago he received one year of probation under Article 17, Part 1, Art. 218 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, the responsibility for providing assistance in the acquisition of firearms, without the respective authorization.

It happened in 1995, when at that time, Major Surovkin studied at the Frunze Military Academy. As the representative of the Military Investigation Department, while some of the teachers have been prosecuted for the illegal sale of guns. According to them, the major Surovkin, at the request of the 1st of these teachers, who is not named, gave one of the officers who are trained on a different course, gun, which Tipo had to be used in competitions. During interrogations Surovkin claimed to be confident in the legality of their actions. After investigation found that it really was framed, charges were dropped, and the conviction repaid.

But in his own letter Fridinskiy referred to the Law "On Police", in which states that a person is a canceled or a previous criminal record may not hold police posts. Following this, also "moral and ethical considerations," he asked the minister Anatoly Serdyukov "account summary" when making a decision on the approval of Surovkina on the role of head of administration Military police.
But alongside professional outlook was expressed that not only the "moral and ethical considerations" forced the military prosecutor to address this request to the Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

In the newspaper "Kommersant" message appears on the control of the Central Military Representative Office in what they say, that the prosecutor's office there is concern about the persistence of self-empowerment. And this letter is not anything else but an attempt to prevent the emergence of a possible rival. The position of the military procurators completely understandable, because it is not clear what impact areas receive any of the structures. Completely possible that a military police depart some of the functions performed by this point prosecutors.

The relationship is not established between the military police and the existing military prosecutors are already starting to heat upThe same discrepancy led to a mutual dislike of the General Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Committee, which at the time did not specify the exact separation capabilities. It can be noted one of the main points in the confrontation between with 2 departments which received a lot of publicity. The investigation, conducted around a network of casinos, illegally working in the Metropolitan area. As a result of an investigation by the Investigation Committee, in the middle of the defendants was the head of the Moscow Region Prosecutor's Office last Dmitry Urumov, former prosecutors, Vladimir Glebov, Oleg Bazylyan and Roman Nischimenko. We note in particular the charge TFR in the address of the General Prosecutor's Office in connection with correspondence arrested a former deputy prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko suburbs. Prosecutor General's Office accused of unwillingness to make Alexander Ignatenko, the database of Interpol, which served as an obstacle to the organization of joint activities with the police for his zabugornoy international investigation.

Was marked by a number of smaller scandals. For example, the excitation of the Investigative Committee of the criminal investigation into the suicide of prosecutor Vyacheslav Sizov. We may recall the scandalous "attempted rape," which made the Prosecutor General's Office employee in respect of his own secretary. This is far from a complete list of controversial moments in the confrontation between the TFR and the GP.

It is not clear, it is necessary to wait for such a confrontation between the military prosecutor and the military police of the future, because the functions of the latter are not yet fully developed.

From already voiced functions of the new department are:
maintenance of military goods, including passing through cooperation with other countries;
incarnation of the garrisons;
Commandant management service;
perform the role of military traffic police.

Also in this issue is being worked on inclusion of functions Military police operatively-search activity. The plans was the introduction of Military police in action back in 2010, but because of the different challenges that have emerged in the course of its implementation, the process of "delayed." Now the date of the launch of the new agency named in 2012.

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