Remove merchants from science

Need a separate federal law "On Military Education"

On the state of the system of training of personnel for Prof. Armed Forces in the near future is written and posted an unlimited number of newspaper and magazine articles, letters and appeals to all levels of management. Widely known for the interview and "round tables" on radio, television, the Public Chamber. Namely, the weekly "Military-Industrial Courier" addressed the topic in a number number 30, 36, 37. Publish another outlook on urgent problems.

The vast majority of people who speak out about it: scientists, teachers, experienced spices, stated the need to preserve and save the military educational institutions and research organizations, which trains skilled workers and creates a potential innovator national defense. They resists small in number, but the absolute owner of the administrative resource group officials. They included people from the Ministry of Defence, including the Department of Education.

Taking into account that in-1's, virtually all of the arguments of the parties have already been set, in-2, rulivshy defense ship "effective manager" liberated from the unbearable burden for him, probably advisable to shift the center of mass debate in the domain of the circumstances the emergence of what came out in the sphere of education and science of the Ministry of Defence, also propose to develop a test to prevent this kind of crisis that can only entertain our potential enemies.

The grounds for criticism

First, some of the initial provisions, which define the position of the creator of this article. First. Creator studied in school, college, military academy and an evening institute. He worked on the practical field, then in military research institutes, teaching at military universities, passionately involved in the preparation and certification of scientific personnel. Therefore has no reason to consider himself a bystander in the field of education and science. 2nd. Actual experience gives a hint that education — this is an area where superficiality, self-confidence and amateurism are not allowed. Especially since it refers to the bureaucratic people who believe that there is nothing easier to manage training of people — professionals in the field of new technologies to ensure the safety of the country. The third. Military education — very specific area where the shots — graduates should possess unique qualities and characteristics to be able not only to sacrifice themselves, and, where necessary, to send others to perform deadly unsafe tasks. 4th. In the hands of the military is a tool that can appeal for lack of skill instantaneously kill the whole world. 5th. If virtually all civilian education dashing 90 rushed to cook so called managers, not presenting themselves for what actually it is, the system of military education has always aimed at training specialists commanders who can manage not only themselves, and the groups that are small and bolshennymi active in all extreme situations.

The specific characteristics

Unfortunately, our home for the past 20 years with little actually lost the ability forms the personnel policy and put it into practice. In our country long years debugged and working mechanism for the selection of candidates for promotion. And random people who do not have specialized education and experience, could not take responsible leadership positions. For our country, preparation, selection and promotion of cadres — an important discrepancy, and she asks bezotstupno solutions means of developing human resources strategy and policy and legislative fix it. Unfortunately, today's working bodies of state power, as the fire brigade, the so-called the manual mode, in response to specific actions, but not enough attention is paid to the strategic dilemmas to which the personnel policy.

Remove merchants from science

But in this article will talk not about finding the perpetrators of certain of the situation, and the general trend of development of military education and ways of its improvement. More directly — the preparation of professionals, including priemuschestvenno military professionals and highly qualified scientific personnel to the military organization of, and on the state of the military-economic research. Selection of these specific issues for discussion identified the fact that our homeland is far behind most developed countries in terms of labor productivity, the level of development of the innovator. According to the international business school INSEAD (France) and the Global Organization of Mental Conditioning (World Intellectual Property Organization — WIPO), as set out in the analytical report "The Global Innovation Index 2012» (Global Innovation Index-2012), Our homeland is 51st in terms of the level of development of innovations in the list of 141 countries in a couple of times less than the U.S. labor productivity. And this is the crucial question of life, development or degradation of the country and society.

Historical facts

Speaking at an enlarged meeting of the Municipal Council, President Vladimir Putin said that we needed Innovative army, where professionalism, technical competence, and outlook of the military claim fundamentally different, the most advanced level. One of the important requirements of a modern army is initially high level of professionalism of all personnel, based on modern science and the training of military personnel. The maximum clear statement of the problem. And there he pointed out that the more advanced countries in recent years, focusing on its technological advantages, are spending billions on developing offensive and defensive systems of the future generations. And their investment in 10 times as large as what we do.

In our country, education and science have always been priorities for the country and revered by the people above other virtues. Yet, until the revolution of 1917, the overall literacy rate of the population of Russia was low. Because the government in all the years from civilians to Lofty Russian war solves a big effort in the field of public education, including educational program and workers' faculties. Because our motherland gave the world the majestic people.

Need to know and keep in mind that the beginning of Prof. officer training in special education in Russia was initiated by Peter majestically at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, during the creation of a standing army and navy. By teaching in military schools involved scientists with global names: Chebyshev, DI Mendeleev, Pavlov, Nikolai Zhukovsky, academicians V. Keldysh, MM Dubinin, A. Peter and many others. The officers were Russian writers and poets Derzhavin, Lermontov, Tolstoy, AK, AA Fet, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Dmitry Grigorovich, Leo Tolstoy, composer CA Cui, painters VV Vereshchagin, PA Fedotov, architect MP Clodt and many others.

After the war, education and science have been intensively developed. This fully applies to the training and development of military science. Made by the new system of tools and technology. By the early 90-ies of the last century in Russia only in the Ministry of Defence had more than 100 universities, 10's military and civilian research institutes ensure the military security of the country. They gave the country and the world of scholars such as SP Queens, Tupolev, NE Zhukovsky, AN Krylov, 10's other glittering names.

Lack of professionalism and voluntarism

Remove merchants from science

The 2002 federal applets "Reforming the system of military education in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2010" anticipated decision following main objectives: creating organizational, legal and economic criteria for the full gratification of needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other troops in the officers with the optimal use of funds the federal budget allocated for their training, increasing properties military education, bringing the level of preparedness of Prof. officers in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the military profession, increase the efficiency of the administration of military education.

If the puzzles though what applets are advisory or policy-making character, the assessment of the actual implementation of programs from always concrete. Feature of its properties may be the fact that even relatively recently, in 2007, anticipated by 2010 the number of military educational institutions of the Ministry of Defence will be reduced from 78 (in 2005) to 61. Yet in less than 3 years as the number of military schools was reduced to 30, in other words, the forecast error was 100 percent. A number of academies removed from Moscow, it is, in my opinion, it means lowering the capacity of the system of military education.

What is the overall picture of this day? If in 1997-1998 in Russia was 125 military educational institutions, including the Ministry of Defense — 102, MIA — 6, the FSB and the FPS — 11, is currently in the Ministry of Defence 15 VUNTS, academies and institutes in the Ministry of Internal Affairs — about 20 universities. By 2013, at the Defense Ministry planned to have three military research center, 6 academies and one institute, in other words 10 universities. Such cost attributes of our programming and planning the number of higher education institutions. And more precisely — in the Ministry of Defence no programming simply does not exist, there is a spontaneous decisions without any justification, is unprofessional voluntarist solutions. That there is a decision to liquidate the outstanding 2-academies in Moscow, Monino, and transfer their balances to Voronezh. Most ongoing activities related to economic interests and impairment, as evidenced by the criminal cases in which there is a consequence. One of the reasons such provisions is that the Russian tsar and time of the most well-intentioned military areas allocated to popular destinations and districts in both capitals. Because the temptation was majestic "banish" them from the land.

In previous years, the military universities came from 18 to 20 thousand people, but now only three thousand. With all of this every second freshman wearing a skirt. It does not look very reasonable against the background of military threats, not only in Europe, the Far East and the South, and in the Arctic, which is impressive read Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the Russian Security Council March 17, 2010.

Not everything is measured by means of

It should be understood that the military security has the specificity principle: there can not allow yourself to relax. And we are at any moment must be prepared to answer the question: can we fend off external and internal dangers, what are the trends of our development? K. Simonov true figuratively wrote that war is a military man — this is a test, it is not clear when that will take place, and it is necessary to prepare for a lifetime.

When deciding on the placement of military schools rarely discusses the fact that most of the soldiers 10s years has been serving in remote garrisons, far from the cultural and scientific centers. And only a short-term opportunity for these people to join the treasures of culture is only available during the study. Already at the moment of course, that the relocation of military schools will be characterized by the loss of decades of the emerging scientific potential. Do not have to hesitate — the faculty displayed their own academies in the main mass remains (and already is) in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Military and financial institutions, and also engaged in the research, just destroyed. As a result, the destruction of schools of education students will be significantly reduced, the prestige of military service fall. And it's already happening. New government will have to waste money to restore the lost positions. Certainly, supporters said the relocation has its reasons: it is the highest costs on maintenance of military organizations in the capital, the difficulty of providing servicemen with housing in the metropolitan area, the opportunity through the implementation of land and buildings to solve the problems of financing part of the Ministry of Defence. Yet in the process of analyzing the economic efficiency of the excavation sites, which housed the output of the Moscow military universities, human loss should be compared with the benefits of additional revenue funds.

The relocation of military schools and has another fundamental bad nuance. Refers to "grazhdanizatsii" military education. The specificity of military affairs officer training requests that can work perfectly in the criteria of continuous stress, uncertainty, risk to life and personal responsibility for the quality and the consequences of decisions.

Graduate, the future commander, and not just a specialist professional should possess abilities educational and organizational work in very specific circumstances of life forces. Civilian professionals such education can not prepare, because to get piece of the product, which is by definition a military specialist, you need a good system of civilian training, education and training, as a fundamentally different system of life, in other words, we must be able and willing to serve the country, and not earn, including at its expense, as this uchyat popular in some state universities.

And one principle nuance of military training. He is, according to Major General A. Vladimirov, in the field of education of the army and navy main task — the development and introduction into practice of troop training and education of state ideology of military service and corporate professor of military ethics. No one civilian university in the country such ideologies are not holding out and not have to do it. The officer — a man who has devoted himself and his life to military service, received basic military training and professor who has mastered (in full) and the profession of building in the framework of its service career. This makes it able to control the violence, which is practically the essence of war.

About unhappy return

Military experts are prepared only and only military universities. None of the civilian universities are not preparing a military professor. In some universities, with the military departments, is preparing professionals for certain military specialties, including having officers and official nomenclature. But the content of education in the military departments are not the same as in military universities. Thought "grazhdanizatsii" military education, understood as a reduction of Prof. military training to its benchmark a civilian equivalent, is sinful in principle. Viciousness of this concept is rooted in the idea of "all the regulatory role of the market," which professed Russian "mladodemokraty." It was assumed that all the same order, civilian and military certificates are required to have a similar market price on the domestic and on the external (international) labor market. This idea, that is, has led to the fact that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation there were "institutions", "universities" and "bachelors". Proposals for reform of military education system are not supported by not only the justific
ation of the hypothetical growth properties, and counting the direct economic harm. On the contrary, the facts show a decrease in the preparation of the unique properties of military experts.

There is reason to believe that the training of military personnel trained economically beneficial. For example, the effect of the spices, cooked in the military and humanitarian universities, much higher cost of their education. Thus, it is clear that only through effective monitoring by officials of pricing for the products of the defense mission saves billion. Another example: the practical destruction of the system self-contained masterfully competent monetary control in the central and district level positions solely in the last five years has led to the unprecedented theft. So Makar, the currently economically feasible to maintain the existing system of military training. This will allow to save significant money real and the Ministry of Defense.

More nonsense, not benefits

In addition, graduates of military schools are serving there, where their direct command. And whosoever shall compel a young graduate of a civilian university, especially now popular professions lawyer, financier, manager to work with the staff, to go to work in the middle of nowhere, where the main and deployed our troops?

And more. Those who are behind the proposals for the transfer of military training of professionals in the public universities, most likely do not care about taking care of municipal interest. This training will be (if you will) be conducted for a fee at the full price. It is time to return to the question of the existence of the military departments. After all, of course, that the department — less than a smokescreen to evade military service. There is a counter-offer: military civilian universities prepare professionals. This will allow to maintain staffing, to ensure the mobilization capacity of the military system, to help the national economy. For example, there is the problem of training of civilian aviation professionals. There might be used fully liquidated now aviation school.

Still there is one sentence "managers" — to eliminate the second stage of military education and change her course with a training period 6 — eight months. On the mundane studies at the Military Academy with a degree vsepolnotsennymi knowledge and the officers go with pride. This position is replaced in a planned manner. And what will happen when Short term courses? In 1-x, an officer such course the network is not enough to give. In-2, the commander loses spices at this time and it is unlikely that he will let ofitsera.Takim Makar, to study 6 months is not enough to distract from the work — a lot. What happens to families when an officer is leaving to study in other town in six months? In short — an absurdity.

These courses are, of course, necessary, but they are required to have a different purpose. They should be part of a system of continuous education professor and have to re-training or additional training officers to replace their regular positions. In addition, Short-term training is needed and in order to identify capable and professional military officers in order, so that later on they grow, promote, teach, educate and train their military elite of the country.


In the conditions of the current situation and the complexity of the expansion of ties with the military organization of the national economic complex that first manifested in deepening market reforms need to hold real and useful to the state, and not an imaginary reform of Russian education. Should be considered and hunt impose that the reform of education and science will be qualified new management of special controls that are created in the Ministry of Defence. The activities such reform should include the following.

1. In the long term — the creation of a unified system of training for the military organization of the Russian Federation on the orders of the power ministries and departments. In such a completely necessary and important for the future of the country's area, which is its national defense and security, must surely be its own state order. In other words — we must surely know how, what and what level of military professionals, we need to have, at what time and where they should focus. This means that we have a year to recruit, train and produce only the number of experts that we can guarantee to assign to the available free post, providing them with jobs, housing and social protection of families. This requires long-term planning in the reform of the military organization of the country.

Such a proposal has already been open a discussion in 1997 in the office of the Council of Defense of the Russian Federation, but at the time did not look for support. It is very necessary to provide scientific and methodological unity in the scientific development problems. It is advisable to begin reforming military training with the industry knowledge, which is more universal for all law enforcement agencies, not just the Ministry of Defence. This is a war economy and money.

2. Significant expansion of training and increasing the skills of professionals in the military and economic departments of research institutes and universities, the main and central directorates of the military organization of, military missions, field offices of the Bank of Russia. Centralization (coordination) teaching basic military and economic disciplines.

3. Improving the ability of universities and research institutes verbovaniya extrabudgetary funds for the research, taking into account the configuration of legal forms of research institutions and the transition from the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Institute for FGKU. It should give the military a huge universities autonomy in solving their own on-farm problems. Illogical and unacceptable when the military universities with a massive scientific capability does not have the funds to pay for public services, the purchase of paper and other needs.

4. Change (increase) of the active period of the scientific-pedagogical personnel due to the late arrival of professionals in science and education (over 26 years) and of early dismissal from the army (under 50 years). It is necessary for doctors and candidates of science change in the term of military service, making it critical not to age, but their real conservation and health and mental potential. See the possibility of establishing a special legal order of service. Discusses the proposals of this is not the first year. No one objected, and the decision is made.

5. Legislation on the military organization of the country and the Regulation on the service must contain greater than the force at the moment, the rules encourage professionals with advanced degrees and academic titles, researchers and faculty members from among the officers and civilian staff.

6. In military academies and institutes should provide training of researchers for scientific research institute of the Defense Ministry, military research departments of universities and polygons using a set of high school graduates provided they have concluded a contract for 5 years, the binding of research institutes and universities after graduation in order to use them in the development of sverhtehnologichny wide range of specific problems of military-technical and military-economic areas, creation and implementation of the latest models of military guns, teaching in military schools.

7. Accrual of pension scientist military should be created taking into account the allowances for a degree and academic title.

8. Conduct an extensive discussion of the problem of military education in a constructive basis.

9. It is necessary to revise the regulations on higher education and to reflect in their specific military schools, preserve traditions that evolved over the centuries. Many of them were the result of lobbying by merchants science and education. This, of cours
e, and not safe, as it becomes one of the ways the collapse of the military organization. You can not let that happen. Need a separate federal law "On Military Education."

A similar set of measures is in the present situation is completely justified. It is justified only in the interests of the country. In the unlikely event destroyed the age-old system of military training.

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