Repay the motherland will be easy and pleasant

Repay the motherland will be easy and pleasantNow in Russia will start the next, autumn, Military call. The Ministry of Defence does not fluctuate that the plan to execute the call, regardless of the difficulties with health and demographic hole, intended to be about 280 thousand men of military age.

According to the officials of the Ministry, in this brand new appeal, as well as in the past, the event will be held in the future allowing to raise the prestige of military service. Although harsh, legislative innovation in this time is not planned.

Which starts on Friday call will be marked by a series of innovations that increase parental and public control over the call-up the company, in order to improve the criterion of service conscripts. At the request of deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Vasily Smirnov of the draft boards will be included on the same basis of various public organizations, the ancestors of the recruits also have the opportunity to participate in the meetings of the committees and, together with representatives of the community members will be able to accompany their own sons to places of service.

Also, according to Smirnov, initiated in order to humanize this spring experience in implementation of so-called territorial army recruitment process, which allows young people to serve in the areas of residence, will be continued. First, in "their" region will serve as conscripts in which there are unhealthy, the elderly, the coming relatives also married soldiers.

In general, it can be noted that in Russia began quite successfully implemented the principle of mixed bundling military units stationed on the territory of the country. They say about the humanization of the Army and representatives of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office. Namely, according to the head of GWP Major General Alexander Nikitin in the near future by the Ministry of Defence is very nearly everything is done to increase the properties and prestige of military service. Now it is possible to use cell phones to serve far from home, and in some military units conducted experiments on the day or change regulations to allow an afternoon nap.

You also need to conceive of the allocation of social benefits to serve in the army of young people, allowing for example to enroll in universities or in the civil service on preferential criteria noted by A. Nikitin.

But without looking at all of these improvements in the military offices, and there was an overall decrease in crime in the military prosecutor's control over the recruiting companies will not go down, said Maj.-Gen.
Autumn military call 2010, as directed by the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation and the head of the military prosecutor, was taken to a special control of the military prosecutors and prosecutors of all subjects of Russian Federation.

Until now, the call was held prosecutor's check for readiness for call-up of all military offices, honey and draft boards, as transshipment and partial Fri The results of which from the legislative point of view has been proven willingness or not the willingness of these institutions to conduct the call.

In addition Nikitin said that such prosecutorial check bearing fruit. For example, on the basis of vernal appeal against officials opened and investigated 12 criminal cases, more than 200 man attracted to different kinds of responsibilities. Do not stay aside themselves conscripts, about 17 thousand young people have also been brought to administrative responsibility. On the facts of dodge 87 man has already been convicted and another 200 waiting for their own fate. There is a struggle with offices that offer their services to the slope of the army.

According to the Ministry of Defence on the basis of disk imaging vernal Appeal, 6 thousand recruits were on the agenda after handing them over 10 thousand have notified draft boards for a change of residence and more than 100 thousand shied away from getting subpoenas.

For the prevention of such offenses made items counseling, hotlines are also working GWP you can say about the violations and to obtain legal aid.

The quality of conscripts, also leaves much to be desired, "demographic hole" even though there is not much impact on the number of recruits, but a serious impact on the health and physical development of young people and causes severe concern to military officials. According to the same Smirnova, 65% of young people were sent to the troops for service are "in good health", but can not be used in secure units for whatever restrictions, and the other 35% are exempt from the service or receive respite. Defence times year must expend about 100 million of its own funds to spec. diet for a fighter with a missing weight.

At the top of the rankings diseases men of military age are psychological diseases, diseases of the digestive and musculoskeletal system. According to the views of military sick and bad home environment education in schools cause such prepyadstviya health in young men of military age.

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