Residents complain of Light smell of hydrogen sulfide


7.06.11.V edition TV2 news agency received a message from the people pos.Svetly.

"Hello. Help, please. Bright village for 2 weeks choking on the smell. It is simply impossible to breathe. People have increased pressure, allergies to tablets. Unbearable smell "- wrote us villagers.

As we were informed by the head of the territorial department of Agriculture Svetlenskogo Vladimir Makarov, the problem for more than 20 years.

"Right next to our village are large enterprises — Mezheninovskaya poultry and pig farms. Winter scents from these enterprises hinders frost. Now is the summer, it is hot outside, and so the "load" on a light rose, especially noticeable when the wind is blowing in our direction, "- told us, Vladimir Makarov.

TV2 News Agency Tomsk



Environmentalists: The Smell of the Svetly fears is not yet

7.06.11.Tak chairman of the environmental safety of urban areas Sergei Trapeznikov us commented that the website of the TV2 news sent by users of NTV-shka. The letter says that the village for 2 weeks Blonde choking on a bad smell.

"In the bright quantitative measurements produces Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, and if the experts notice any excessive body, then immediately transfer the information to us. Recently, exceedances were recorded, "- said Sergey Trapeznikov.

As reported by our specialist regional Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Eugene Sayfulin with light smell summer there quite often.

"Of course, the smell of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia for the man unpleasant. But there is a quantitative measurement standards, and only if they are exceeded the smell can be really bad, "- explained Eugene Sayfulin.

TV2 News Agency Tomsk

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