Residents complain of Saratov region explosions


19.04.12. On April 19, DK Popovka village again, a gathering of people, which brought together people from all surrounding the landfill "Wide Karamysh" settlements.

On the agenda of urgent problem — recovery ammunition expired. Recall that in February 2012, the issue was closed, when, after a broad resonance residents Rybushanskogo municipality heard even the Minister of Defense, and by his order at the site "Wide Karamysh 'disposal was carried out exclusively by incineration, not undermine it.

The initiative group of residents Rybushanskogo MO together with the head of the Saratov region, Sergei Pimenov went to the site, where experts have demonstrated a new method of disposal. Breaking force was very small, "like a firework," — said the residents, the method of burning ammunition gave all. Even in the village Sbrodovka breaks almost be heard.
However, starting from March 11, explosions were again disturb the peace of the inhabitants, especially in the evenings. According popovtsev sbrodovtsev and from 18:00 until 19:45, strong explosions rattle again, in the air there is a black cloud of smoke that villagers have already nicknamed the "Black Crow." In this regard, the people again began to worry for the state of the environment, noting that the water was gone from wells.
Tired and angry residents again appealed to the district administration and the regional government. And so, on April 19 the next meeting of citizens held a new Minister for territorial Saratov Oblast Sergey Nesterov and the Head of Administration of Saratov MP Sergei Pimenov. The leaders met with citizens to deal with the situation.

Attending the gathering commander in / h 50661 Valery Mishnev explained that on April 5 this year munitions disposal experts involved only Ural pyrotechnic factory which utilize ammunition "nonexplosive" technologies. The duties of the military were only supply, transportation and security of ammunition. All the engineers who worked at the landfill site "Wide Karamysh" left.
Villagers have suggested that in this case, perhaps during recycling broken technology, resulting in a violent explosion. But to put up with that people do not intend to.
Minister for territorial Sergey Nesterov, gathering all the information you have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to check the process of recycling. To do this, he and the people willing to go to the landfill and personally observe the activities carried out there.

Source: Site Administration Saratov region

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