Residents of Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk complain shaking homes


14.08.12.Chelyabintsy reported that in renewed shaking homes. Write about it appeared today, 14 August, in social networks. Thus, the user marizet, who lives near the junction of Molodogvardeytsev and Komsomolsk prospectus, writes in "Twitter": "The house is really shaking! Plaster cracked and blinds were shaking! I'm scared! "
It is noteworthy that today renewed utilization of ammunition on Chebarkul temporarily suspended because of the international exercise "Frontier-2012". Shaking buildings in Chelyabinsk, which residents complained last two years, was connected with the explosions at the site.

Meanwhile, the command of the Central Military District in February, has officially stated that since the beginning of summer on the disposal of ammunition on Chebarkul will use the new installation "The Destroyer" P-40, destroy old ammunition by reactive burning and burning his explosive without detonation, which should significantly reduce sound wave and virtually eliminate the appearance of a shock.

Today, the assurances of the military, this is the setting used at the site, which means that complaints shaking buildings should not be.

Add this morning Novosibirsk media reported that local residents were complaining about the massive tremors like an earthquake. This fact Novosibirsk, both in time and Chelyabinsk associated with disposal of ammunition at a nearby landfill Shilovskikh, although there, the assurances of the military, now uses the "Destroyer" P-40, which makes explosions quiet. Some experts have suggested that the capital of Siberia sunk wave earthquake today in the Sea of Okhotsk, the force of 6.3 points. Siberian seismologists refuted this version, saying that has not gotten as far as Siberia Far earthquake waves and, most of all, shaking homes Novosibirsk still called ordnance disposal — a new installation, touted by the military, was not effective.

Meanwhile, the effects of distant earthquakes in Chelyabinsk still sometimes felt. So, this winter, Sergei Shoigu, the then Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia, when I was with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the village of Rose, said the coal mine, where the slide home Rose, quickly began to collapse after sunk to the Southern Urals earthquake waves, the force of 6.7 points, which occurred December 27, 2011 in Tuva.

As for the disposal of ammunition on Chebarkul, this process started under the program of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense in 2010. Then yuzhnouraltsev mass began complaining of vibration damage to buildings and walls. "Tremors" even recorded seismic "Artie", located in the Sverdlovsk region. Only version, which later proved to be true, is that the "earthquake" causes the blast, which comes to the capital of the Southern Urals and Chebarkul range, where there is a disposal of old ammunition.

Albina Zolotukhin, photo — Vadim Akhmetov, ©

Source: News Service «URA.Ru»



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