Residents Ore observed luminous objects in the sky


11.01.12.Neobychnoe celestial phenomenon was observed on the eve of the residents Nizhneilimsk Ore District.

It happened around midnight. People have noticed the dark sky a blinking object. It glowed green and red lights. And slowly removed. Eyewitnesses have removed all the digital camera.

They assumed that it was a UFO, because what he saw was not like any star, or a satellite, or a plane. As the locals say, glowing objects they observe not the first time.

— At first, he was closer. Flicker. Red, green light was closer, then with time, when they began to photograph, this all started deleted. Already seen in the photos, it's some twists that are spinning. Then they turned into a snake. Even in the form of a dragon — said a resident of Irkutsk Julia Peretolchina.

Photos from the unknown object, we sent the director of the Irkutsk observatory Sergei Yazev. According to him, the zigzags in the pictures — it's in the hands of camera shake. Unusual witnesses watched 20 minutes, and then, he says, this is definitely not a satellite, a rocket or a space station. Hang in the sky for so long they could not. Scientists have suggested that this technique, which in the darkness of people took for UFOs. In the area there is just a mountain, where the ore is mined.

Source: STRC "Irkutsk"

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